Fast track your productivity with AdValue

Fast track your productivity with AdValue

I recently moved into a new house. The house packers meticulously labeled each box and stacked them into the truck. The truck driver transported the boxes to the correct house and helpers unloaded all of the boxes into the correct rooms. My job: get them all unpacked. The boxes were labeled so I mostly knew what was in each box, but entering the room, it struck me just how many boxes there were. I needed a plan. How exactly should I do this? Unpack the first box I see?  Prioritize the boxes and unpack the “highs” first? Find some friends to come over and help me? I’m not exactly lazy, but I really like the friend’s idea.

When you purchase Project Online, you’ll run into similar problems. You know you should deploy Project Online throughout the organization quickly, but there are so many options under the PWA settings page, not to mention the vast configuration options for SharePoint. Enter Advaiya’s AdValue Pack – your new best friend.


AdValue is a package you can install on top of your Project Online tenant that instantly helps you to get the most out of your deployment. Here are some of the many benefits:

1. Insightful Power BI dashboards customized for the Executive, Project Manager and Team Member
2. Customized project workspace for better project tracking and collaboration
3. Built-in workflow to standardize project management phases
4. Alignment with PMBoK tools to manage projects better
5. Quick and easy deployment to make you look like a superstar
6. Extensible solution that can later be customized to specific needs

AdValue is quick to setup so you will realize the benefits before your next pay raise. The intuitive and comprehensive design means easier team adoption and increases productivity and satisfaction. The AdValue solution scales to your requirements and incredibly easy to maintain.

Go with the friend option. Go with Advaiya’s AdValue Project Online solution


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Posted by Darrin

Darrin is Director of Operations and Project Management at Advaiya and draws on around two decades of diverse project management experience in the Information Technology industry. He has worked in leadership roles across diverse companies from Public Safety software companies to DaaS providers and Consulting. He has helped to shape department and company strategies and brought a positive impact to the organizations he has worked with. In his current role, he is responsible for forming and facilitating cohesive teams, client interfacing, and liaising with stakeholders. Darrin is tenacious and relentless in any endeavor to see around corners and resolve problems before they occur, and deliver projects. He is a believer and practitioner of the ‘get things done’ approach and enjoys helping the team formulate and achieve their goals. Darrin has earned his Business Administration Degree from University of Montana and holds a PMP certification from PMI. He enjoys spending time with other PMP certificate holders discussing solutions and going for long bicycle rides in the U.S.A. Pacific North West.

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