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Microsoft Project Server 2013 is a flexible on-premises solution for project and portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work. Our convenient QuickProject mobile app helps you increase organization-wide user adoption of Project Server 2013.

Adopting enterprise project management

Microsoft Project Server 2013 is a flexible on-premises solution for project and portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work. It helps project managers in effective project planning and tracking team members’ work, and assists PMOs in managing project portfolios and team members, to stay up to date for projects assigned and submit task status reports easily and on time. Although the tool provides support for resource planning, reporting, project team collaboration and ensuring process compliance, organizations using Project Server face many challenges:

  • When team members are not connected to PWA, Project Managers cannot properly track tasks and update task progress.
  • Users must have a device (desktop computer, laptop, or other) to view or update task status, submit timesheets and view project synopsis.
  • Team members may be interested only in seeing what their assignments are and submitting the status of their assignments easily while on the go.
  • While working remotely or managing multiple things, it can become difficult for project managers to track their teams for timesheet compliance.

This mobile app utilizes cloud services and if you are looking for an on-premise version of the same, kindly email us at connect@advaiya.com and we would be happy to assist you.

QuickProject: Accelerate and gain value

QuickProject helps organizations minimize Microsoft Project Server 2013 gaps and increase organization-wide user adoption. The app is developed for both Android and iOS mobile platforms and helps project managers and team members in their day-to-day project management with an easy interface available on their mobile devices.


  • Tasks, projects and timesheet status views enable users to quickly view relevant work and statuses.
  • Project and milestone views help project managers easily view brief details.
  • Project and team managers can track timesheets, helping team members follow up or take necessary actions.
  • Users can associate tasks and milestones as events with their calendars, so reminders pop up on the actual date of the task.
  • Users can work offline by using the last accessed data.
  • Users can update, submit and track the status of their timesheets.

Solution Benefits

The app QuickProject has several advantages for EPM users.

  • Easier project monitoring
  • Effective work management
  • Faster project execution
  • Increased user collaboration and team interaction

Upcoming Features

  • Ability to update, submit and track the status timesheets on Project Online
  • Extending options of task status submission by enabling task percent complete submission
  • Manage Timesheets i.e. create a new timesheet or recall your timesheet


Looking for something more? Want to customize the app based on your specific needs? Have some different project management needs like Project configuration, process automation, tracking Project KPIs, update Project information, assign resources, custom alerts, etc.? Email us and we would be happy to help: connect@advaiya.com.

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