Advaiya's xBOM is a set of neatly packaged content offerings built to help you succeed. These offerings cover common scenarios, including product and service launches, sales force training, partner enablement, and much, much more. In order to get your entire ecosystem ready, you need to build the right content, in the right form, delivered at the right time. xBOM is all about simplifying and optimizing your content marketing, reducing your workload, and getting to value rapidly.

It’s really that simple. We partner with you to ensure that your content needs are met, so you can attend to strategy and spend your time actually talking to customers and partners. We want to power your content marketing initiatives, and believe that xBOM provides you the materials you need in the most cost effective manner possible. xBOM is designed in a comprehensive way to address various aspects and channels such as web and social presence, sales enablement, and outbound marketing, to enable your product marketing initiatives.

Solution Benefits

What can these content offerings do for you?

  • Launch your products in record time
  • Target your content to the right audience
  • Let you take time out to go strategic and talk to customers.
  • Help you connect with partners.
  • Aid your sales people with necessary tools to do well in the field.

The xBOM package includes:

  • Detailed content offerings provided for pre-launch, post-launch, sales readiness and ecosystem enablement
  • Content offerings at three levels to suit your outlay and roles: basic, regular and advanced
  • Customization to suit specific needs and context