AdVanced Components for Office 365 and SharePoint

Get Office 365 / SharePoint solutions for your specific business needs with AdVanced components

Simplify and automate expense submission and approval process for your projects and business visits with O365 based expense submission application. With approval workflow, gain full control over your employee and project-related expenses by including executives, project managers and other roles in the approval chain. Easily submit expense sheets from anywhere, anytime and upload digital receipts for immediate processingAlerts and notifications ensure timely submission and approvals. Get it now!

Free/busy calendar

A useful summary view of free/busy and availability information about the selected individuals within an organization, whether within your team or across departments or of executives. This facilitates team coordination and enhances collaboration and openness. Use this free/busy or availability information to quickly set up meetings or reach out to relevant team members at right times.


Keep your intranet portal fresh, interesting and more engaging by automatically monitoring latest news content across subsites, and surface them all to the home page. Based on user’s interest areas, department, and location, this component provides personalized and relevant news content.


Let your team get instant awareness about the recent happening in the company or an urgent announcement. This component allows you to build a place on your portal or various intranet sites where every individual of your company can get the latest updates or announcements.

Employee recognition and appreciation

Recognize individuals and teams for their great work. Set up ways in which your team members can appreciate or express their gratitude for other team members, bringing out the best in your team. Also, integrate with formal recognition announcements like Employee of the Quarter. Socialenabled, and complete with citations and pictures, this component becomes a beacon for positive culture.

org chart

Organization chart

A greatly valuable component on your portal allowing employees to navigate organizational relationships in an interactive manner. In this component, the logged in users can quickly access interactive organization structure from their perspective and click to navigate through connected people. This component allows viewing organization structures information for specific individuals via search.

Quick links

This component lists relevant business applications and department specific documents and libraries links based on signed-in user’s department and location. These links can be configured for each department and location.

Paid time-off management (PTO)

Let your employees apply for leave/vacation directly from the portal, and allow them to view their leave balances and access all time-off related information. O365 based PTO application inherits your site/application theme providing consistent user experience and a seamless way to apply leave, mark holidays according to locations and configure leave entitlements. 

Help desk

O365 based help desk application helps manage the complete life cycle of IT incidents, problems, and changes with out of the box (OOTB) ITIL workflows. It tracks and manages template based specific request ticketsand allows for creating a request template to configure different set of fields for different types of requests. It can convert an incident ticket and service ticket into a change request, as well as maintain rich Knowledge Base (KB) repository. Rich and interactive dashboards based on request ticket’s type, priority and escalation.

Travel desk

Automated and paperless business travel booking process with approval and rejection workflow using O365 based travel desk application. Employees can manage domestic and international business travel, reserve cabshotel and itinerary – all from a single place. With full control over the organizations’ travel expensesHOD /Admin/ Accounts Manager can review, approve and process expenses quickly. Centralized travel policy allows managing all rules and policies from a central location. Travel policies can be set as per grade, designation, Level, band etc.

Innovation and idea management

Drive and manage open innovation across the organization by facilitating exchange of ideas at a central location. This application allows employees to submit, evaluate and prioritize submitted ideas, leverage expert knowledge in the organization to select and act on the best ideas.

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