“49% of organizations cited lack of information on resources as one of the most important challenges in project portfolio management”

Allocate the right resources to the right project at the right time and maximize efficiency with our quick start Project Online pack.

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Our Project Portfolio Management experts can provide you complete visibility into resource utilization, allocation, skills and more. We have some predefined reports and dashboards to help better control organization’s entire resource pool to better plan projects.

Resource Summary Report gives a breakdown of resource allocations and utilization across projects to avoid any over and under allocation problems.

Real-time Allocations

Planned vs Actual Utilization

Billable and Non-Billable Hours

Resource Forecasting provides enhanced visibility into resource requirements across the entire portfolio, allowing managers to be proactive and avoid project delays.

Available Resources

Resource Rate vs Project Cost

Holiday Schedule

Resource Portfolio provides drill-down insights into individual resources to get a complete view of their assignments, schedules, and projects.


Schedule (Billable & Non-Billable)

Projects and Clients

~57% of projects fail due to a breakdown in collaboration and communications.

Take your project management to the next level with our latest whitepaper on 'Project Portfolio Management'

Technology is the first order of business for us…

and we can make technology work for you

From planning and forecasting to tracking and accounting, AdValue pack helps organizations invest the right resources in the right projects.

Advaiya creates custom project portfolio management solutions using Microsoft technologies so that your project gets done on time and on budget.

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