xBOM Marketing Strategy

Planning out a strategy is central to effectively managing your portfolio of products or services and presenting your business to prospects, customers, investors and partners. The subsequent step is to take that strategy from paper to reality.

Advaiya can help you produce an integrated marketing strategy and develop measureable campaigns aligning with that strategy to engage your target audience and accelerate your sales cycle. Our team can help you build and implement successful marketing strategies through research, positioning and messaging frameworks, GTM planning, developing marketing assets and content, and communicating them effectively.


Success of marketing and sales depends heavily on performance of the channel or the partner eco-system. Advaiya helps marketing and sales organizations with approach towards Partner enablement which aligns with organization's overall business strategy and customer acquisition and support model. With our Sales assistance programs, we can build an actionable go-to-market strategy, assist to execute that strategy, help you generate and effectively measure the results.

Our Approach

Empower your marketing programs:

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Our Services

  • Effective product and service strategies

  • Value propositions optimization

  • Content marketing

  • Sales process enablement

  • Field and channel readiness

  • Sales content and collaterals

  • Pitch process optimization

  • Sales strategy support

  • Targeted campaigns

  • Social listening

  • Digital analytics

  • Community building

  • Marketing automation