xBOM Digital and Social Marketing


Advaiya’s digital and social marketing services help you leverage modern digital media (including web, social platforms, devices, and more) to better reach and communicate with your target audience, and thus grow your business. Our digital marketing team focuses on the customer’s journey, from awareness to acquisition. Our team then creates easy to discover, engaging and inspiring content for your marketing initiatives, which influences your audience to join your network/community, buy your products and services, and refer you to peers and others within their network.

Advaiya formulates and executes a digital marketing strategy across all channels including web, interactive media, paid search and SEO, display ads, microsites, landing pages, and registrations and emails, as well as mobile and social.

Our Services

  • Digital analytics

  • Digital marketing strategy and planning

  • Events and campaign management

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Promotions and contests

  • Targeted online advertising

  • Social media marketing