In 2017, big topics reigned in the world of cloud and analytics. Whether the subject was integrating Power BI reports with Project Server, or determining how to make the most of new technologies like – Cloud and BI, or embracing Office 365 for a digital workplace, readers of the Advaiya Blogsite were seen hungry for acquiring new knowledge and have enjoyed our posts throughout the year. Here are the top 10 blog posts of the year based on the most read by our readers:

  1. Cloud is good – Cloud allows businesses access to the benefits of technology without worrying about (most of) the underpinnings—building, deploying, operating, maintaining, and investing. Thus, the businesses can focus on what technology can deliver, rather than delivering technology. Read More.
  1. Powerful decision making with BI – Being in business is being in the business of decision making. Right decisions, made at the right time, and implemented in the right manner—make all the difference. See how the right BI tools help make informed, insightful and impactful decisions. Read More.
  1. Major concerns for cloud computing in respect of Office 365 – For businesses, be it small, medium or large, whether for profits, non-profit or educational institute, all have concerns relating to should they start using cloud services, and if yes, how? Read More.
  1. Microsoft Teams and Project Online integration using Microsoft Flow – As Teams become a single hub for team work, it is quite essential to have all project related updates available as posts in there in Teams. You can quickly integrate Teams with Project Online using Microsoft Flow. Read More.
  1. 4 step-guide to a successful Project Online/ Project Server adoption strategy – Achieving a successful Project Online/Server deployment would require focusing on driving adoption and making sure everyone understands the benefits of working with the new solution. Read More.
  1. Is your organization truly data-driven? – In today’s digital age, we are engulfed with an enormous amount of data. Organizations who have the knowledge to extract insights and decisions based on data would be at a competitive edge rather than the organizations who still have not understood its value. Read More.
  1. Save yourself from the hustle of gathering project status at the last minute – Quickly share project information that needs your executives’ attention in one view with quick insight executive dashboard that AdValue offers. Read More.
  1. Fast track your productivity with AdValue – AdValue is a package you can install on top of your Project Online tenant that instantly helps you to get the most out of your deployment. Read More.
  1. [New Release] Project management on the go with QuickProject – The newer version of QuickProject App with improved user interface and updated details for assignments and projects released in August. Read More.
  1. Facing unplanned downtime and reduced productivity? – Despite developments in infrastructure robustness, organizations still face software, hardware, network, and database downtime, ranging from short periods to closing the business for days. How can you prevent unplanned downtime and hampered productivity? Read More.

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