The value of a corporate social intranet can be huge for your global organization if maintained effectively. Modern social intranet provides new ways to connect, communicate, collaborate and bring people from across departments, together.

To ensure that you get the most out of your intranet, here are a few intranet features that could have a significant impact on your organizational collaboration and communication.

Consolidate Processes

The best way to cut down your workload is consolidating processes, which is very easy and one of the major perks of the modern intranet. This not only helps in saving the organization’s money but also helps in freeing up time so that employees can focus on the work that really matters.

HR professionals often need many different applications throughout their week for various everyday tasks. But with modern intranet, they can easily make updates from one place, making their job much easier and employees’ overall experience better.

Advaiya’s AdVanced intranet allows HR to easily handle leave management, project management, scheduling and many other processes very easily.

Complete Online Knowledgebase

Your intranet should act as a one-stop-hub for all employees’ information. For quick questions and answers, the best thing you could have is an Online Knowledgebase, which contains information displayed through text, videos, and images for each department. 

AdVanced intranet is designed with a search functionality to help pull the required information quickly, freeing up HR from being the middleman.

Video Library

A modern intranet can help you embed videos as a source of information for your staff. Videos could be latest marketing trends and updates, FAQs or messages from the CEO. And, having a central library of internal videos make it very easy for the employees to locate them on your company intranet.

Employee Engagement

With widgets for Employee Recognition, Events, Media section in – AdVanced Intranet – make celebrations central. It is accessible to employees to recognize a colleague for good work, send birthday wishes, share office events photos and videos, to improve employee engagement within the organization.

Corporate Contacts

With modern intranet, increase business efficiency by reducing the time it takes to look up and search for external contacts. It will allow you to create a complete list of external contacts and their details, and group them at a single place with security permissions.

Enhance Collaboration

One of the primary reasons why companies today are increasingly implementing social intranet is that they can be used as drivers for better collaboration and communication. Unlike the traditional intranet, where only Email was used to connect and pass documents back and forth, modern intranet like AdVanced provides a centralized access to easily collaborate and communicate across the organization. Facilitating multiple people to work on similar content, modern intranet allows work done more effectively and streamlined. 

Know more on how Advaiya’s AdVanced Intranet can help your organization better connect, engage, and collaborate. Get in touch with us for a live demo.


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