Udaipur is a great place to be

Udaipur, as a city and as a prominent business hub of South Rajasthan, has evidenced immense potential for entrepreneurship, innovation, and business and institutional growth. Advaiya has been fortunate and proud to be part of this city and vibrant community characterized by education, ability and work ethic.

Advaiya and Advaiyans enjoy many of the advantages that this city has to offer. Apart from a great quality of life and low costs, we revel in a culturally and intellectually stimulating environment that complements the natural beauty of the region. Udaipur has grown into a cosmopolitan city, with its diaspora at prominent positions all over the world. The city enjoys highly convenient connectivity through highways, rails, air travel, and, importantly, data. An education hub, it is home to many renowned universities, medical colleges, and engineering and management institutes such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). The city caters to a well-established education structure comprising both local and nationally known schools with a vibrant extra-curricular circuit.

A global destination

A prominent tourist destination with a rich history and a warm welcoming culture, Udaipur is on every global traveler’s wish list. The city and its surroundings offer breathtaking sights, exposure to our rich heritage, and enormous opportunities for leisure and adventure.

Udaipur has also been a major center for mining and mineral based industries. It has now emerged as a well-known business center globally, being a major player in commodities such as non-ferrous metals, marble, cement, and polymer packaging, as well as in areas like engineering and automation. Recently, it has emerged as a center for information technology industries, covering software products, technology services, ITES, animation and more.