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Advaiya:  Heine, tell us about TimeXtender and your value proposition.

Heine:  Absolutely thank you for the question.  TimeXtender is a Big Data company that currently focuses on one aspect of Big Data, namely automating the Data Warehouse and creating a powerful story for the business-user, who needs complex data to run his or her business.  If organizations make the right bet on Data Warehouse Automation (DWA), they can actually avail new and growing sources of data to make their business decisions, and can do so in record time with very little “overhead”.

Advaiya:  Isn’t Data Warehouse an old term?

Heine:  We understand that the terms and concepts have been around for decades, but we also realize that the world of data is far more dynamic now than it was when the idea of Data Warehousing was at its inception.  Whatever the nomenclature, the fact remains that the Data Warehouse is the Nerve Center of any data-driven organization, and those who don’t build a real “Data Infrastructure” will lose competitive advantage.

Advaiya:  The use of the term “Nerve Center” is interesting. Tell us more.

Heine: Thanks. Interestingly enough, our core logo is a “brain.”  The idea here is that Data Warehouse is like a hub from which all the spokes emanate, but not just a passive hub. It is an active hub that electrifies the rest of the company, making it possible to quickly bring data to bear on business problems and in effect allowing business-users to use data for decision support and growth.

Advaiya:  TimeXtender is based in Aarhus, Denmark.  What are your global plans?

Heine:  We have been a company with global DNA from day one, but only recently we have had the girth to make large global bets.  We have recently launched a dual-HQ in Bellevue, WA and we are growing our North American customer and partner base at a rapid rate.  We plan geographical expansion carefully, but we will be everywhere in a matter of years only.

Advaiya:  What is your advice to other Big Data companies and entrepreneurs?

Heine:  My advice has always been to do something purposeful in order to solve real issues.  We strongly believe that data is at the root of so much benefit and so much agility that we want to be the world’s leading advocate of data-driven culture and the tools and processes needed to make this transformation possible.  I encourage others to have a strong belief in the possibilities provided by data and to understand that data when added to infrastructure, automation and process is the new oil.  Solve real problems and power real organizations.

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