#BeBoldForChange was the theme for the 2017 International Women’s Day, celebrated this year on March 8. March is also National Women’s History month. That’s why for March, we are highlighting the journey of some of the many successful women employees from Advaiya to encourage other women further to pursue careers after marriage and kids.

Several women, and specifically, working mothers, battle with how to incorporate their personal and professional lives. Women with caretaking obligations frequently disclose that they are searching for direction on the right career strategy i.e. how can they manage work with children around effectively and how can they oversee business and family commitments.

While most organizations understand these struggles, not every one of them realizes that they could play a substantial role in the life of female employees to effectively conquer these issues. I was so relieved to realize that women’s career strategy is one of the three employee effectiveness building blocks of what Advaiya believes will help level women and men in the workforce. 

Career strategy, along with delivering result oriented work and taking full charge of the role one is offered, is what Advaiya believes will help get women to equality when it comes to the gender pay gap. There’s no doubt that being educated in, and savvy about, technology is key to job opportunities and advancing on the pay scale. When it comes to career strategy, things are more mixed.

Besides, a well thought out career strategy depends on the choices you make at your workplace.

Take the example of working mothers at Advaiya, who not only won promotion after returning to work post having a baby but also are leading teams, taking advantage of a corporate culture that encourages women and returning mothers. Undaunted by having a baby, they are taking full charge of projects within few months. They say Advaiya’s supportive culture and encouraging facilities such as maternity leaves, crèche and daycare center, work from home policy amongst others have mostly helped them to carve their career in an efficient manner and most importantly in a way they wanted. 

Bringing kids to work was a demonstration of how much work and kids matter to today’s working women and how they can balance both given the right organizational support. We are aware of numerous other women in their shoes who have similar needs yet would have never thought to accomplish something to that effect. Obviously, to a limited extent that might be on account of most organizations presumably don't have a culture that bolsters that sort of decision. Looking at this logically, two things were similarly imperative in this instance: Advaiya's strong culture and our women workforce’s career strategy.

That is the reason I trust it's occupant upon businesses who are focused on gender uniformity and equality over the association to (a) acknowledge there are these different sorts of women out there, and (b) make culture, practices, and policies that bolster every one of them. At the end of the day, managers ought to meet women who are “leaning in" to their career aspiring to be leading influential roles by giving them an assortment of various tracks and ways to get into leadership positions.

Posted by Advaiya

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