Advaiya’s Agile Connector recently underwent the scrutiny of trusted B2B directory and emerged with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and an absolute user satisfaction rating of 100%. FinancesOnline, under its project portfolio management software category, awards deserving products that have gained traction with customers for outstanding features and total usability. We couldn’t be more thrilled when reviewers recognized Agile Connector as an add-on to MS Project Professional, allowing you to monitor and track projects using the Scrum and Kanban Methodologies. The solution designed by Advaiya includes task boards, backlogs, tracking sprints, and agile reports for you to have a comprehensive view of your projects.

Advaiya’s Agile Connector enables a centralized project management. It seamlessly provides a unified view of agile, non-agile, and hybrid projects across the organization in one interface for you to be in touch with the progression of every enterprise. FinancesOnline also recognized our advanced Agile Connector features that allow for seamless synchronization of MS Project Professional agile planning with MS Project Online. This ensures that your projects are backed up and that everyone who is working on them is on the same page to avoid confusions, backtracks, and unnecessary changes.

Agile Connector also enables swift custom fields updates by letting you or your personnel update the fields from a single interface. The solution allows you to track the metrics related to projects across the organization for you to have a pulse on issues and to act on them immediately and accordingly. All these capabilities led the reviewers to include Agile Connector in their comprehensive project management resources guide and distinguished us with the 2018 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award.

Agile connector was promoted in the directory site’s rankings and is now among the leading add-ins to MS Project Professional, joining the elite group of top name and established add-ins selected by the experts. We share these latest achievements with our users and customers who have found Agile Connector to be highly useful and practical solution to manage projects and boost productivity and efficiency.

Posted by Advaiya

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