Gartner, every year, identifies a list of top strategic technology trends for the coming year, and the list released this year for 2017 tech trends focuses on intelligent systems and Artificial Intelligence. The research and advisory firm also predicts that building systems that learn, adapt and act accordingly is seen as a potential area of focus across technology vendors.

Here’s a rundown of top three AI tech trends for 2017

    1. AI & Advanced Machine Learning – Deep learning, neural networks and natural-language processing are at the core of Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML). These systems are more advanced in terms of their learning, predicting, adapting and have self- operating capabilities. What made these systems more powerful is the amalgamation of widespread parallel processing power, advanced algorithms and gigantic data sets, enabling them to even change future behavior!
    1. Intelligent Apps – Intelligent apps are created out of virtual personal assistants (VPAs), that can carry out operations like a human assistant, making day-to-day tasks easier (by prioritizing emails), and enabling users more effective (by highlighting the significant content of importance and interactions). These apps are focused to enhance customer experience and sales, and have the ability to change the nature of work and the structure of the workplace.
  1. Intelligent Things – Intelligent things belongs to mainly three categories – robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. These go beyond the implementation of rigid programming models to leverage the science of applied AI and ML to deliver advanced behaviors and interact more naturally with humans and surroundings.

People who said that intelligent systems can't defeat human human chess champion, or cannot recognize images accurately, etc, have been proven wrong by AI. Though, it can go wrong at some instances as there is no magic bullet for its regulatory development, but it is the time to take AI seriously and harness its immense benefits and minimize its drawbacks.

Posted by Advaiya

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