The world is rapidly changing, are you keeping up with the changes? Join us as we show you how cloud is changing the way companies are doing business. Cloud adoption enables the organizations to embrace digital transformation at scale. Cloud brings agility, reduced IT operational costs, scalability, and availability. Like every journey, cloud migration has a starting point which begins when you strategize and plan your executions.
In this webinar, we talked about how the cloud adoption journey, if planned and executed professionally, enables organizations for a seamless acceptance of cloud into IT.
Request a consulting with our experts, who will help you understand key aspects and decisions for your cloud journey:
  • An overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Economies at scale with Microsoft Azure
  • How to plan your migration?
    • Importance of cloud assessments and migration road maps
    • Define a cloud model (hybrid or public cloud)
  • How to handle security and compliance in public clouds?
  • Why Microsoft Azure?
  • What do you benefit by moving onto cloud?
    • Operational benefits
    • OPEX and CAPEX optimizations
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    Scott Clayton

    Engagement Director

    Scott has over a Decade in Software experience having worked in a variety of roles, including running the sales and marketing for the past 3 Software companies he has been at. Scott started his career selling Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Solutions. Scott loves the constantly changing Technologies and that drives him to help people find the best Solutions. Scott currently leads Advaiya’s Engagement Strategy and Operations. Scott received his Bachelor’s Degree from Western Washington University and his MBA from the Whitman School of Business at Syracuse University.

    Reneesh Parammel

    Practice Manager Cloud & DevOps

    Reneesh Parammel has been a successful cloud architect for over 12 years. He leads Advaiya’s cloud practice, where he assists customers in achieving their cloud adoption goals. Reneesh designs cloud solutions with a cost-effective and performance-oriented strategy, working closely with stakeholders and users to understand the business requirements and goals.

    Max Leavitt

    Engagement Associate

    Max has 6 years of project management experience along with a Bachelors in Business Management from Central Washinton University. One of Max’s favorite roles at Advaiya solutions is in customer services. Max also oversees marketing for the United States. Max has recently moved back to the United States after spending 6 years in Tokyo where he managed wholesale logistics to American military bases across Japan. Max looks forward to learning how we can help make technology work for you moving forward.