All successful businesses have one thing in common, they can adapt and change for the better in midst of an ever-evolving business environment. Currently, the economy is witnessing major changes & challenges, and the most successful companies are those who are embracing the digitization of customer experiences and digital transformation for internal company processes. A term that often comes out when talking about digital transformation is ‘Cloud Migration’, but the knowledge about what is cloud migration and how it can benefit a company is often vague and full of gaps for the average businessperson.
Advaiya is consistently striving to ‘Make Technology Work’ for its clients and partners by providing end to end consultation and implementation services in the field of digital transformation. The first step in this process is to remove the vagueness related to technology change and fill the knowledge gaps with relevant and customized solutions.
Keeping this in mind, Advaiya is pleased to announce that we have designed a series of webinars to educate and enlighten on the topic “ I know about the cloud but how do I get there?”. In these webinars we will see how an organization can benefit by migrating data from a traditional on-premises environment to a nimble cost-effective cloud company. Through this change we will highlight how you will become more flexible, secure, collaborative and most of all, more competitive by shifting to cloud servers instead of traditional data centers.

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To explore how to go about transforming your organization to become more competitive, agile and future-proof using the cloud technologies

I know about the cloud but how do I get there?

At the end of the webinar, attendees will better understand about: 
Source: This update has been sourced from Microsoft’s updates as shared with partners/ public. Advaiya is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing consulting, implementation and reseller services. These updates may not represent an Advaiya customer or activity.
Challenges in cloud technology implementation
How to overcome those challenges
How to implement, execute and align cloud services
How to make your organization fast, secure and scalable .
Advaiya’s unique value proposition


Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman

Engagement Development Manager

Michael is the forum speaker on business insight reporting, data warehousing and data migration. He brings with him 10+ years of experience in business intelligence and ERP within the MS community. . Currently, he is actively working with companies on-site and remotely within the Pacific NW to improve operational efficiencies and deploy analytics solutions.

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