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Marketing automation can turn a lean marketing team into an unstoppable force, allowing small businesses, startups, and large businesses to get customer attention. Marketing automation is the integration of data and processes from various sales and marketing channels into an organized central platform with automation and unified data. A comprehensive marketing automation hub complements and organizes the customer journey. It integrates all the business’s channels and outreach within the customer database, allowing marketers to streamline and automate tasks.

Peripheral automation stands as a pivotal approach to power marketing per a business’s unique context and marketing strategy. While standard marketing automation platforms (say, Microsoft Dynamics 365) streamline the execution of various essential tasks, such as data collection, audience segmentation, and content distribution; peripheral automation allows them to be connected to multiple channels, enable collaborations, and facilitate creative and effective outreach. Marketing teams can thus shift their focus toward strategy, creativity, and the core aspects of hyper-personalization. This combination of business applications and peripheral automation empowers marketers to deliver highly tailored content, responses, and data, taking personalization to new heights and providing customers with experiences that are truly unique and engaging.

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