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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central set to digitally transform Indian SMBs

As businesses grow, managing them becomes a complex task that existing tools sometimes cannot keep pace with. As demands increase, not having the right tools may put your business at risk. Standalone applications, information silos, and manual processes are the significant challenges that all growing companies face. The management in such organizations must look for easy-to-use, secure, scalable, customizable, and affordable digital solutions that can help transform their organization for scale and agility.

Progressive businesses often outgrow their off-the-shelf accounting software or legacy ERP systems that are unable to handle the increased complexity of operations, resources, inventory, and transactions. They realize that the software they are using lacks integration with other line-of-business systems and has reporting limitations. They also experience constraints around scalability, mobility, and cloud.

However, the acceleration of the digital transformation journey has become much easier and more accessible now. There's never been a better time for businesses to update their legacy systems. The cloud has opened new opportunities for companies of all sizes to affordably expand capabilities, establish greater efficiency and mobility, and prepare for ever-changing business needs. Upgrading your systems to an integrated and modern cloud solution is now much easier and more cost-effective.

Although there are many business management solutions in the market, businesses would agree that selecting the right platform is hard. The key considerations include platform strength, process coverage, reliability, support, and costs. SMBs would not want to be held down with technical issues and need highly capable in-house IT and infrastructure to run and maintain such solutions. At the same time, businesses should not limit themselves to their current scale and scenarios but look for solutions that are flexible to handle much larger and more complex business situations in the future. Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are designed for growing businesses to easily and seamlessly connect people and processes throughout their organization with an all-in-one business management suite. Dynamics 365 Business Central is deeply integrated with systems already being used in such organizations, such as Office 365 and Outlook, enabling them to leverage office document management, operations, and collaborative tools. Centralizing these functions can then be used to provide the business owner with better decision-making capabilities through Business Central’sbuilt-in intelligence and organization features.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 Business Central brings much-needed flexibility to the core of the business, enabling SMBs to grow at their own pace and adapt in real-time. That means businesses can start small with the right fit for employees’ roles, industry, and business needs and extend business evolution and growth. The solution also comes with inbuilt features that address local regulatory and compliance requirements for ease of business. For example, the tax engine of Business Central takes away the hassles of managing constantly updating scenarios for Goods and Services Tax (GST), Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), and Tax Collected at Source (TCS), etc.

Here are a few ways solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central play a significant role for small and medium-sized businesses in India:

1. Grows with your business: SMBsaren’t often required to utilize the full suite of modules available in Dynamics 365 Business Central. So, businesses can start with as many (or few) users and modules as they want and grow as their needs grow. As it is built on Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud, Business Central will scale and perform as volumes grow. Also low-code environment, it is easy to tailor the system quickly for specific needs. Thus, the SMB time taken for customizations and updates is much less compared to custom ERP solutions. With pre-built connectors and apps available on Microsoft App Source, easy,3rd party integrations and any horizontal or vertical-specific add-on functionality can be designed to work seamlessly with Business Central. Thus, the system enables flexible implementations which can be made specifically to work with every type and scale of business.

2. Connects various aspects of business: Dynamics 365 Business Central connects teams and processes with a single, unified solution so that data can be quickly and easily shared with key people throughout the company. Dynamics 365 Business Central automates and streamlines business processes such as finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and project management are all integrated. Hence, users can access the latest data and respond to customer requests faster with the most accurate information. The system also synchronizes common data types such as customers, contacts, and sales information and keeps the data up-to-date in all locations. The all-in-one nature of the solution helps removes silos. Moreover, departments and processes are well connected through integration with Outlook and Office 365, so business data and processes are leveraged to enhance the people functions.

3. Helps get rid of legacy solutions: Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modern, evolved, cloud-based platform that makes it a practical and cost-effective upgrade from native accounting software or legacy ERP systems. As organizations are shifting away from traditional monolithic ERPs, which come with a host of complications, and ERP which comes with a host of complications, they need systems that create opportunities to more intelligently and flexibly manage their business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central unifies financial and business operations from procurement accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, and inventory to transportation management with an intelligent and intuitive user interface. The next generation of entrepreneurs is finding this a game-changer for modernizing their enterprise and taking it global.

4. Enables smarter decisions: With Dynamics 365 Business Central, users get an end-to-end view of their business in real-time. Users have access to the most current, accurate data, so the most informed decisions possible are made. Businesses can set flexible KPIs to track performance and create new strategies. Dashboards and data visualization can be customized for individual user roles so that appropriate data is visible to relevant users. With embedded AI capabilities, the system suggests actions based on historical data, leading to optimized process outcomes and higher productivity. Thus, enabling higher performance and an improved customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution by Microsoft, specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses with growing pains. It offers a world-class system and advanced functionalities at an affordable cost to SMBs to help at an affordable cost for SMBs to help achieve their business goals, transform rapidly, and deliver better results. Being on the cloud and comprehensively maintained, Business Central liberates a business from technical implementation complexities, connectivity, and accessibility issues along with addressing data safety and security concerns. But most importantly, it is easy to scale and adapt at your own pace.

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