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Udaipur-based Advaiya Continues to Grow and Prosper

Udaipur-based Advaiya Continues to Grow and Prosper

Udaipur-based Advaiya is an impressive company with an interesting genesis story. Founded by two brothers- Manish and Dharmesh Godha, the company has an impressive list of customers including Fortune 100 Tech companies and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Its métier is helping customers with Enterprise Efficiency- whether via systems of engagement like CRM, Sales Force Automation, Cloud-Transformation, or Security. “Infrastructure” is at the root of this company’s success.

From the early days, Advaiya boasted marquis clients. Manish, CEO and Co-Founder, lives and works in Udaipur, where he oversees the entire company’s operations and focuses heavily on domestic stalwarts like the Adani Group as key customers. Dharmesh, President and Co-Founder, lives and works in Seattle, where he has developed business with companies like Microsoft and Google on the one-hand and medium-sized, local, and “highly-verticalized” companies on the other.

Enterprise technology might not be as sexy as consumer-focused apps, but it constitutes the infrastructure that “makes the world run,” according to CEO Manish Godha. “As technology and business converge on a singularity, Enterprise tech is synonymous with business infrastructure,” he added.

More impressive even than its customer list, Advaiya boasts a world-class team of Developers, Creatives, Data Scientists, Enterprise Architects, and Business Analysts. While the company has offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai in addition to Udaipur, the talent-quality and retention in all locations is a source of great pride to the founders.

“We know what we are good at – helping create Enterprise Efficiency,” said President Dharmesh Godha. As Digital Transformation animates the business and technology worlds, nothing is more important than using technology to help organizations focus on what they are good at and the art of business. Advaiya is at the heart of this process.

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