Session: Sitecore for Digital Marketing

Advaiya Sitecore Certified Experts Chandresh Ranparia and Jaideep Charan conducted a training session where they shared their know-how, insights, and best practices for using Sitecore for personalization, optimization, content management, context marketing, email automation, etc. 

Chandresh commenced the session explaining how marketers today are focusing on matching the browsing experience to the customer journey – influencing and engaging them at each phase of the buying cycle. He then explained how Sitecore can be used to deliver right content to right visitor at right time, resulting in increased engagement and conversions. Jaideep demonstrated an overview of the features and functionality of the desktop interface, where he mentioned that the desktop interface works similart to a Microsoft desktop offering direct access to editing interfaces and the media library without logging in. They mentioned how Sitecore Analytics can easily help to set-up and track marketing campaigns, without the use of any other paid tools. Towards the end, they addressed questions from attendees. 


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