Past few days, I have been at Microsoft. I attended the Office Developers’ Conference and have been co-ordinating work for certain O12 (MS Office system 2007) related assignments that our team is currently working on.

This is my first time at Redmond. I have worked with Microsoft India but ‘MS Corporate’ is, well, different. One learns a bit or two about capitalism here. The nature of our involvement here has also allowed me to gain some insight about Microsoft’s (famed) marketing. Its amazing to see a very large corporation with numerous independent teams and hudreds of often overlapping (and sometimes contradicting) products actually present a convincing unified personality (which one might choose to hate). That Microsoft is not a traditional command and control corporation, probably makes it even more admirable.

The highlight has been the new Office ’12’. It is exciting in its scope and possibilities. O12 does provide most of the missing pieces in the knowledge worker empowerment story that Advaiya has been standing for all along. I see times of great fun at Advaiya!

Posted by Advaiya

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