Business documents often originate in the form of email attachments from different sources and need to be stored quickly and accurately at dedicated destinations, to enable easy processing, searching and collaboration.

Functions such as finance receive statements, proposals, reports and other documents in multiple email accounts every day. Organizing and routing these email messages involve a multi-step process to filter and classify emails and documents sent and received.

SharePoint is known to be the best in class records and collaboration management solution. It organizes information and makes it easily accessible and shareable. Organizations are increasingly adopting SharePoint technology on premise or in the cloud.

Recognizing the need for a unified solution combining the functionalities of email and SharePoint, Advaiya brings Intelligent Email Sorter for SharePoint (IESS), an intelligent solution to email sorting challenges faced by organizations in the processing of content received in the multitude of emails each day.

Let us consider a scenario where the head office of a large conglomerate receives many financial proposals, operational reports, and other types of documents. These are received in various email accounts of executives across the team, and thus leading to a situation that these documents are placed at a plethora of locations, organized in different ways, making them difficult to find and process.

With ‘IESS –Intelligent email sorter for SharePoint’ email sorter app, the rules for classification and extraction can be set, and rest will be taken care of by it. The app will then automatically sort and filter out important information based on the defined rules and process them in the appropriate SharePoint library with relevant metadata such as – ‘unit name’, ‘revenue till month ’, forecasted revenue‘ and so on. These metadata further trigger the relevant dashboard and report.

All the manual efforts involved in monitoring the email account to extract, filter information, attachment categorization, dashboard creation, etc., can be automated with IESS, in turn increasing employee productivity and overall business efficiency.

For more information on the email sorter app, you can visit – Intelligent email sorter for SharePoint (IESS)

Posted by Advaiya

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