A forum primus for technology marketing | Advaiya

A forum primus for technology marketing | Advaiya

The picturesque Laguna Niguel in scenic Dana Point, California saw the much anticipated, much awaited event on Technology Marketing being held for the first time, where over 400 executives from across the globe shared what is supposed to be the new dictum, both in the IT as well as marketing.

Among the plenitude of tech aficionados and marketing pros, it was a moment of delight to be representing from India. Speaking about Technology Marketing as a Service (TMaaS) it was a head start to have rendered such a momentous contribution to the main schedule of events. The keynote speakers being the who’s who of marketing and IT giants like David Sable, Global CEO, Young & Rubicam; Alison McConnell, EVP, Chief Growth Officer, Leo Burnett Worldwide; Stacy Martinet, CMO, Mashable; and Brad Brooks, CMO, Juniper Networks; provided the illuminating presence so enticingly expected. I would express the experience worth the plaudits and laudatory enough as the discussions were centered at automation, analytics and personalization. It was indeed a privilege and a pleasure to be an audience to these seasoned practitioners. The session where Romi Mahajan of KKM Group, elucidated about counterproductive nature of excessive quantification was immensely thought provoking.

I would reckon a marketer’s role to not be considered as just a translator. A marketer has to be an orchestrator. He or she has to get involved and influence the entire gamut consisting of complexities and dynamics of tech business today. Nothing else accentuates this as the scenarios posited by constant launches, rapid evolution of audience’s contexts.

I am of the opinion that the business of technology, in all aspects, has to work in tandem with the marketer at the helm leading the array. A marketer must acknowledge it as an opportunity. The multifarious functions and activities comprising technology marketing cannot now be taken as a collective set of rigid procedures, but as a set of relevant outcomes. At such a juncture, many such outcomes may solicit additional strategic solutions—services which are sensitive to the nuances of technology, audience and business context. These would power and propagate the content, execution, automation and planning, as the marketers navigate the dynamics and complexities of the business of technology.

On looking back it seems to be a promising milestone for technology marketing.

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Posted by Manish

Manish has over seventeen years of IT, technology consulting, and marketing experience. His experience spans the areas of software development, enterprise architecture, marketing, assurance, risk management, security and IT governance. Having founded Advaiya, Manish currently contributes towards shaping overall business strategy, and provides direction and vision to the organization’s various business initiatives.
He has worked for engineering industries, large banks, and start-ups, contributing on various areas including marketing, business analysis, solution development and enterprise sales. He specializes in enabling individualized solution sales and has developed analysis based frameworks for allowing effective profiling and solution discovery. Manish has been involved in cloud and big-data initiatives for companies like Microsoft and Google. A practitioner of statistical analysis and systems approach, he has an evolved perspective on potential and fallibility of data-led decision making under complex contexts.
Manish is a Chartered Accountant, MBA, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT. A technology professional and enthusiast, Manish is particularly interested in the ways in which technology can have a transformational impact on business. He follows the evolving enterprise architecture perspective and is involved in the architecture, design and development of technology solutions.

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