Auto-publish projects in MS Project Server/Project Online using PowerShell

Auto-publish projects in MS Project Server/Project Online using PowerShell

In MS Project Server/ Project Online, whenever team members submit their timesheet or assignment status, it routes to the project manager for approval process. Even when he approves, it automatically does not update project plan and the reporting database. He need to publish the project after approval in order to update the reporting database.

There might be scenarios where timesheets are approved but the project is not published, like when project managers are leading many projects simultaneously or they just forget to publish the project. To keep the plan updated and reporting database always ready, we at Advaiya have developed a PowerShell script to auto-publish all projects together.

Here’s how it works:

The script can also be scheduled as required. An important thing to note about this script is that it is customized to publish only checked-in projects. So, if a project is checked-out, it won’t be passed to the next step in the workflow, and instead the script will look for another project in the queue.

You can download the script for your use. Click here to download.

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Posted by Nikhil

Nikhil is currently working as a Software Developer with Advaiya for more than 2 years, and responsible for developing Project Portfolio Management & BI solutions. He has been working on multiple technologies/platforms like Project Server, Project Online, SharePoint, Power BI, SSRS, CSOM, JavaScript, Knockout JS, JSOM, PowerShell, SQL Server, Workflows, InfoPath, .NET C# applications, web services and custom web parts.

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