Congratulating GAEMS on the launch of new Rail System

Congratulating GAEMS on the launch of new Rail System

We would like to extend our huge congratulations to our partner GAEMS on the announcement of their new product – GAEMS Rail System, which they will soon be launching at PAX Prime.

Advaiya has partnered with GAEMS in multiple ways, including as a provider of marketing, web and application development services. It always has been a great relationship and our teams have enjoyed and learned immensely from creative and professional prowess that GAEMS has. They are an amazingly innovative company, and have visualized and built products with great designs, utility, and value.

Pushing creative boundaries, Rail System is developed to change the way home or office gaming environment looks like. The 19.5” tall system offers a customized, organized and enhanced gamers desktop to let the gamers, vloggers and streamers enjoy a premium desktop experience. We can only testify what John Moore, VP of Marketing at GAEMS has to say – “We are always looking to improve the premium gaming experience, and this is a game changer in more ways than one.”

GAEMS is known for consistently producing top quality products including the Vanguard, Sentry, M-155 and the M-240 performance gaming monitors. Just a couple of weeks before they were rocking at E3, and now this terrific product wrapped in a modern, matte black finish. GAEMS is committed to producing unparalleled experiences and their dream of innovating big in mobile gaming experience is being rewarded by the sheer excitement of gamers for their products, around the world.

Advaiya is proud to be working with such great team. We are glad to count GAEMS as our customer, partner, and friend, who inspires us to believe in our creative visions and innovate beyond the limits of realism.

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