How to import and export project schedule from spreadsheet to Project

How to import and export project schedule from spreadsheet to Project

MS Excel is one of the most favorite tools for non-MS Project users for creating and managing project schedule. There are several scenarios where the project consists of many modules and each module is being managed by different people. In such cases, the module manager can update the schedule for their modules. For this, the project manager can export the project plan of a particular module and send it to the module manager. Module holder can update the plan in Excel and send it back to the project manager. The project manager can then import it back to the project plan.

Export the project plan to Excel-

    1. Open the project plan in Project Professional.



    1. Go to File -> Export -> Save Project as File -> Other File Type -> Microsoft Excel Workbook -> Save As.

    1. Save As wizard will open.

    1. Choose a suitable location and click Save.
    2. The Export wizard will open.

  • Click Next.
  • Choose Selected data in Export Wizard – Data.

  • Select ‘New Map’ in the Export Wizard – Map (This is a one-time process. Later you can use the same map for all the future exports and imports).

  • Select ‘Tasks’ and ‘Export includes header’, Click Next.

  • Select ‘Task range’ as Export filter.

    1. Add Microsoft Project field name in the mapping.

You can add only 255 fields in the mapping. If more than 255 fields are added then it will show an error like below:

  • Choose only those fields which you want to get updated by the module owner.

  • Save the map in End of Map Definition.

  • Give a suitable name for the mapping.


  • Click Finish.
  • It will ask for the task range to export in Excel. Enter the task IDs range.

  • It will save tasks within the mentioned range in Excel and save it to the specified location.

  • You may now give this Excel to the module holder for updates.
  • Here I have changed the task tile of the eighth task to ‘Send the mail to GM, to Read’.

Import Excel in project plan (Update the project plan from Excel)

  • Open project plan in Project Professional.

  • Open File -> Open -> Browse the excel which has the updated module plan.

    1. It will open the import wizard. Click Next.

    1. Select Existing Map in the Import Wizard – Map

    1. Select the previously created map in Import Wizard – Map Selection

    1. Click Next.
    2. Select ‘Merge the data into the active project’ option.


  • Click Next.
  • Select Task and Include headersin the Import Wizard – Map Options.

  • Import Wizard – Task mapping will open where it will show the mapped fields which were mapped in the saved map.
  • Select ID and click on Set as Merge Key.


  • Click Next.


  • Click Finish.
  • Now the updates which are done in Excel will reflect in the project plan.


Using this feature of Project Professional, the module manager can update the project plan without having any Project Professional license and the project manager can also review the changes in Excel and update the actual plan accordingly.


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