How to update project tasks using project server workflow

How to update project tasks using project server workflow

Recently we did a couple of Project Server/Online Implementation based projects which involved customization’s like Demand Management Workflow, Document Approval workflow, Issue or Risk Escalation workflow and much more. During these customization’s, we were posed with a challenge on updating the complete percentage of project tasks using the project server workflow of the project to submit an event.

We assumed that there should be an easy solution using SharePoint designer workflow and it should not take much time to implement. But later, we realized that project tasks could not be updated in the same way in which project-level field can be.

Below is the detailed solution to update project tasks using Project Server Workflow. In these steps, hard-coded Task Id and its Percent Complete value is used. In your case, one can use them from any custom source.

  1. Check Out project using action Call HTTP web service.
  2. We need to build the following dictionaries
project server workflow

In this dictionary, we are specifying PercentComplete of task to be updated with given value    50.

  1. Call HTTP Web service to draft & update the task

Call HTTP Web service Update the properties as below:Call HTTP Web service properties

  1. Publish and Check-in the project using action Call HTTP web service.

This method can be followed to update project tasks using project server workflow. In case of query, add your comments below.

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