Joining hands for a better world

Joining hands for a better world

Since inception, we have been on a journey to deliver sustainable and responsible growth, which creates value for all our stakeholders. On this New Year, we are joining hands with two non-profit organizations – Akshay Patra and Seva Mandir. This humble contribution strives to address issues related to malnutrition, hunger, and deprivation of education for children, women empowerment, and healthcare.

We understand that our clients, partners and friends realize the utmost significance of contributing towards the betterment of the society, and also contribute by way of money, effort and thoughts. Advaiya has taken this initiative through strategic philanthropy through funds and in-kind contributions in the name of our friends, supporters, partners and clients. We hope these would bring big smiles.

Our endeavor is to continue our support to the community and give back in every way and every time we can. But the critical thing is that we could do all this because you chose Advaiya, and have been a friend and a supporter. Thank you for being with us!

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