The Marriage between Travel and Technology in 2015

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The signs of travel and technology coming together are already in the offing. We...

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[Press Release] Advaiya Labs: Technology Mentor for IIMU PRARAMBH-2015

Udaipur - Advaiya Labs sponsors PRARAMBH-2015 (as Technology Mentor). PRARAMBH-2015 is a 32 hour startup challenge organized by IIM Udaipur, which starts from...

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Our New Visual Identity

We are excited to present our new visual identity which reflects the transformation that we have had through the past few years. As we adopt...

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EPM assessment to ensure successful project management program

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) streamlines the way businesses manage projects and accomplish work. EPM solution helps an organization to efficiently contour and automate their processes...

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Adding custom tab to Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the world's most popular and growing social network for both businesses and individuals. Facebook business pages can be of a great help to...

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The rising IT career aspects

Modern world is characterized by the impact technology has been having on nations, businesses, society and individuals. Just look at the way we shop, the...

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How to amplify your social media content strategy?

Content strategy is about planning, creation, delivery and governance of content.

Social media is similar to traditional mouth-publicity. It increases the reliability and credibility of a...

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[Press release] Uzbekistan CCI explores new business opportunities in India with Advaiya

November 26, 2014, Udaipur - A delegation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, paid an official visit to Advaiya (Udaipur) office today. The...

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Businesses can gain from business transformation solutions launched by Advaiya [Press release]

Advaiya Solutions launches business transformation technology solutions for businesses in Gujarat.

In the last few years, Gujarat has shown rapid progress in the field of IT...

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How can SMEs gain from Social Media – Part II

In the previous blog of this series, we looked at how customers are increasingly changing the way (searching online) they look for information about...

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Wearable Tech Roundup: What’s on Offer

The natural progression to smartphones is to embed computers onto our bodies through wearable tech. Let’s look at the key tech available

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How can SMEs gain from social media

People are increasingly being empowered by technology and information that are easily accessible to them today. Customers, both geographically dispersed or...

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[Press release] Advaiya launches Digital Marketing Effectiveness offerings

Marketing landscape is evolving at a breakneck speed with the new technological advancements that are happening everyday like in the Digital marketing space. Digital marketing...

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Advaiyans celebrate the Independence Day with rejoice

We celebrated the 68th Independence Day at our Udaipur office with great patriotism and warmth.

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CEO of Advaiya Solutions invited to the panel discussion at INTEROP – Delhi

July 21, 2014:  Manish Godha, CEO and Founder of Advaiya Solutions - a leading technology and...

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Big data impact and concerns

Businesses are overloaded with the sheer volume of data, churned out daily by operational/ transactional systems, web logs, industrial sensors, customer data, social media information etc....

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Social media marketing tools and techniques - Part 1 | Advaiya

In a Building Presence Voicing Thoughts session at Advaiya, a few days back, I talked about social media marketing (SMM), covering its importance and...

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ALM with Visual Studio Online – Part 3: Plan and Track Project Tasks

This blog is third in the series “Visual Studio Online features (VSO)”. In the second part I had talked about Scrum process...

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ALM with Visual Studio Online – Part 2: Using Scrum Process Template

This blog is the second in the series “Visual Studio Online features (VSO)". In the first part of the blog...

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Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio Online - Part I

Microsoft have been providing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools for a long time in the form of Team Foundation Server (TFS). Till now TFS has...

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