Social media marketing tools and techniques - Part 1 | Advaiya

In a Building Presence Voicing Thoughts session at Advaiya, a few days back, I talked about social media marketing (SMM), covering its importance and...

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ALM with Visual Studio Online – Part 3: Plan and Track Project Tasks

This blog is third in the series “Visual Studio Online features (VSO)”. In the second part I had talked about Scrum process...

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ALM with Visual Studio Online – Part 2: Using Scrum Process Template

This blog is the second in the series “Visual Studio Online features (VSO)". In the first part of the blog...

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Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio Online - Part I

Microsoft have been providing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools for a long time in the form of Team Foundation Server (TFS). Till now TFS has...

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Assess SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS) for Migration – Part II

In part one of this article we talked about why organizations are looking to move from SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Online, key aspects to...

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Assess SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS) for Migration – Part I

As part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint Online is available as Software-as-Service (SaaS) and helps organizations to reduce their Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and their...

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Designing a business solution considering the cloud and mobile devices


The role of IT is not just limited to keeping the lights on....

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A forum primus for technology marketing | Advaiya


The picturesque Laguna Niguel in scenic Dana Point, California saw the much anticipated, much...

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Advaiya launches xBOM – a set of packaged content offering (Press release)


Advaiya Solutions, today announced the launch of xBOM - a packaged content offering.

Today, content...

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Advaiya xBOM - It is all about positioning and messaging

It’s a competitive world and let’s face it, we all worry whether we are providing appropriately targeted messaging for our products, meeting content...

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Advaiya CEO invited to speak at the Tech Marketing 360 event in California (Press Release)


Technology is the most dynamic and challenging speciality in the world of marketing. Tech...

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Various trends in IT domains in 2014

Information Technology tends to see the bright sun in 2014 in the areas of Cloud services for SMBs and individual consumers, Big...

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Big Data Insights

Big Data will be in mainstream use in all major organization in coming years. So NO organization, big or small, can afford to miss this bus.


Social Analytics - An Opportunity or Threat?

Social networking dominates lives of people who are of interest to any business. Social network sites have fundamentally changed the character...

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Enabling Platform

The complex set of technologies enabling today’s business need not be complicated. (Seehttp://www.ted.com/talks/eric_berlow_how_complexity_leads_to_simplicity.html for a perspective on complex v complicated.)

Our observations of enterprise...

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Explore the Cloudy Side of Visual Studio

In New York City on November 13, 2013, Microsoft launched cloudy side of Visual Studio as Visual Studio Online along with Visual...

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What's in a name (again)

It was more than three years ago, I made a post about the name -- Advaiya. I guess its time to talk about it again. I hear the...

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How to assess softer employee attributes (soft skills) to evaluate performance (3 key steps)

Over the past few years, the Indian economy has been through a lot of ups and downs. In such tumultuous times, assessing the soft skills...

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What's Advaiya

Advaiya is a solutions company. It has the capability to add value to business processes and to build valuable business processes via its technology and...

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English and C (Again)

In a post, a few months ago, I drew a few parallels between programming skills and language communication abilities.

That these two are different is very...

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