What's Advaiya

Advaiya is a solutions company. It has the capability to add value to business processes and to build valuable business processes via its technology and...

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English and C (Again)

In a post, a few months ago, I drew a few parallels between programming skills and language communication abilities.

That these two are different is very...

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Udaipur and Bangalore

I worked in Bangalore a few years ago. I used to think of Bangalore as a sweet combination of Bombay and Udaipur. Udaipur's quaint beauty...

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Six traits of highly productive people on the first day at work

How one conducts herself on the first day is a good indicator of future performance and accomplishments. On the first day in any organization, a...

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Advaiya Expands Innovation Consulting Services

Innovation is central to every organization for various reasons - staying ahead of competition, attracting and retaining customers with differentiated offerings,...

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Harnessing Big Data


We are living in the era of information surplus where information and data is omniscient and...

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English and C

Somebody I know gave an interesting hypothesis. Good English language (or, maybe, any language) skills go hand-in-hand with good programming skills. Though I have not...

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What's in a name

I and the team (just a bunch of half a dozen enthusiasts) had been working to build solutions, applications and programs for around a year...

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Article for Jewels of Udaipur


Advaiya is a technology and consulting firm with a focus on ensuring a positive impact...

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Social Media and Information Technology in Enterprises

Social media's horizon has far crossed the notion of it simply being an alternative for interacting with end customers or just being another tool that...

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Emerging Tier II Cities leading to renaissance in IT in India

The extent of technological innovation coming out of an emerging tier of urban areas in India can provide lessons for IT abroad. 

The Information technology industry...

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The three threes and a four - Advaiya

This sums up nicely! Our value proposition is based on the triad of technology depth, business context knowledge and methodology alignment. We have recognized the...

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Capability, Integrity and Courtesy

In a recent offsite (at very scenic Eklingji) we dwelled on the virtues that we value as an organization. We could articulate and enumerate the...

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These Eventful Five Years

We recently completed (on July 1) five years of operations as Advaiya. As we celebrated this milestone for the organization and for the team members...

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Tips on how to do substantial Digital Marketing | Advaiya

Digital marketing is about reaching, attracting and converting customers leveraging the newer and much more sophisticated (than traditional media) technology mediums. It uses, whether online...

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Professionalism' is an oft-heard word here. This is mostly used as a catch-all term describing whatever is expected from any team member. But we do...

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Platform Vision

At Advaiya, we have enormous opportunities to observe,  analyze and influence how businesses use technology. These experiences, coupled with our unifying thought approach, have lead...

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At Microsoft

Past few days, I have been at Microsoft. I attended the Office Developers' Conference and have been co-ordinating work for certain O12 (MS Office system...

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