Performing Load testing for the website or app in cloud, using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

When we develop any website or app, it is required to check its performance before launching it to the production or live environment. Performance load testing checks the website...

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Agile Connector – A Microsoft Project Professional Add-in to facilitate Agile Methodology in Microsoft Project Online

We are very excited to present the Agile Connector, an Add-in for MS Project Professional to facilitate agile methodology in Microsoft Project Online. Microsoft Project Professional now come with the...

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Build FAQ Knowledge Base with QnA Maker

In my last article “EVERYTHING ABOUT MICROSOFT QnA MAKER”, I have explained what is Microsoft QnA Maker service and how it helps to create an effective knowledge base from...

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10 Keys to a Successful Business Intelligence Strategy

Business intelligence (BI) is vital for business growth but receiving benefits from BI requires more than just implementing the technology that is used to enable it. We have been...

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Sitecore Multisite Architecture – Single Installation

Sitecore provides Multisite Architecture in which single installation of Sitecore can create multiple websites and publish them in the same Sitecore instance. This way it becomes accessible to hosts...

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Create a Digital Workplace with SharePoint and OneDrive

As technology evolves at a fast pace, trends at workplace change. Unlike traditional workplaces, where employees did their 9 to 5 job under the supervision of their managers, modern...

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How to create Quick Email Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A quick campaign is used to send a single activity to a list of contacts or accounts in your system. The activity could be an email, series of phone...

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How to create an email template in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365. An email template serves as a framework for an email message which helps you to maintain a consistent layout and message. You can create an...

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Using Kanban and Scrum in Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management: In traditional waterfall project management where the end product is visible to the client at the end of the project and adapting to change at that...

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Everything about Microsoft QnA Maker

FAQ pages on any site are considered as a trustier and quick way to find out the information available on the website instead of navigating through all the web...

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Why Microsoft Power BI is the leader in Business Analytics?

Gartner recently positioned Microsoft’s Power BI as a leader in their annual Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Also, for the second year in the row, Microsoft is placed farthest in vision within the leader’s...

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Where do agile best practices fit into MS Project Technologies

I had the fortune of working for a start up about 12 years ago. They started implementing an agile methodology. The engineering manager had started using an Excel spreadsheet...

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Locally add the Add-In task pane in Word from SharePoint

Adding the Office Add-in in the Word document from the SharePoint document library is quite easy. The task pane is added in the Word document on the right and...

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How to Migrate SharePoint List Items to Project Online

Recently we did a Project Online/SharePoint Online Implementation based projects which included AdValue (Project Portfolio Management Package) implementation along with the migration of list items from SharePoint 2010 to Microsoft...

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How to get the missing Project Server 2016 user views from PWA database

Installing SharePoint updates in Project Server 2016 environment sometimes lead to missing Project Server user views in content database.

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Delivering Agile Projects using MS Project Server/Project Online

Agile is a methodology that encourages continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle. There are a several agile principles that commonly apply to agile project...

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Innovators guide to what changes and what doesn’t

As business leaders seek to implement new business models, build new products, or bring in new ways of working to their organizations, there is always an element of, to...

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Scrum vs Kanban: What’s the difference?

No framework is perfect, and each has its own benefits and flaws. Project managers should focus on the aspects of Scrum and Kanban, which can be used effectively to...

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Reports & Dashboards for Agile Projects

Implementing Projects in an ‘Agile’ way is common norm and best practice these days. Agile project management allows Project Managers to keep track of the project deliverables and provide...

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How to ensure effective demand management with Project Online

Within an organization, project requests can originate from anywhere. The absence of demand management process makes it chaotic and difficult to figure out as to what is being worked...

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