Project Server based customization deployment troubleshooting

Project Server based customization deployment troubleshooting

While deploying the project server from one environment to another, we face lots of environment-related problems. This blog discusses the issues faced while migrating the environment and the method to overcome the problems.

Failed to save Project Site as a template

You have successfully created the project and project site, on the staging server after migrating the development database to staging database and implemented a few changes suggested by the client in the project site.

When you try to save the site as a template, you might get an error message “something went wrong.”  When you check the log, you will find the below error.


This error occurs when distributed and cache service was not installed on the server. By running the below power shell command you add the service.


You tried to save the site as a template and got the same error “something went wrong,” however in SharePoint log; there was a different error.

Failed to save Project Site as a template

You can also see that the default project site is getting saved as template successfully; however, the custom site template is having this issue. To debug, you tried to delete all customization from the custom template and tried to save as a template. But the issue is still not resolved.

After comparing the site features of the default project site and custom project site, we found that the below four features were activated in the custom site template, which were not activated in the default project site.

custom project site

After deactivating these features, save site as template functionality.

Workflow opens to a blank page on SharePoint Designer 2013

You have migrated project server 2016 development instance to staging instance. You have opened the project server site workflow in the staging environment using SharePoint designer 2013. Staging workflow is visible here but, when you try to open it, a blank page is seen (as indicated in the below picture). The same workflow was working fine in the development instance

To resolve this issue, you need to clean up the cache of SharePoint designer by following the below steps

  • Close designer if already open
  • Open address bar and open location %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WebsiteCache
    Delete everything on this location
  • Clean the location %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache
  • Uncheck “Cache site data across SharePoint Designer Session” as shown below

Cache site data across SharePoint Designer Session

Now reopen designer and try to open the workflow. If you can still see the same blank page without any stages, then install the service pack for SharePoint designer and install the hotfix (spd2013-kb2837633-fullfile-x64-glb) from below link and again clear cache. .Now you can open project workflow, and it must be working.

If you face a similar issue while deploying the project server from one environment to another, the above steps can help you save time.

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