The rising IT career aspects

The rising IT career aspects

Modern world is characterized by the impact technology has been having on nations, businesses, society and individuals. Just look at the way we shop, the way we connect with peers and customers, and the way we are transforming our businesses, every day. Businesses (both tech and non tech) are striving towards becoming more innovative with adoption of newer technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, and social. Technology professionals have tremendous opportunities to develop with the rising IT career aspects.

IT, as a business domain, has seen major highs and lows. From dotcom bubble to bust, from the massive recession to resilient recovery, IT has seen it all. There was a study in the year 2011, where many distinguished professors emphasized great prospects in the field of Cloud, Business Intelligence, Analytics, HR, Creative and Content. If we look at the current trends, we will note that the forecasts made more than three years back still hold water.

These jobs, we expect will pay well, have staying power, and truly influence the organization either now or in the future.

HR professional

HR: no longer! The world has moved on and so has the role of so-called “HR” professionals. The role of HR has transformed into People management, Talent analytics, and People strategist. HR is playing much important and bigger role in paving the direction of a company. Even at Advaiya, we do not have an HR team but an Employee Effectiveness team whose role is to ensure the effectiveness of people through right balance of work and fun. This need for balancing, acts as a challenge agent which makes “HR” a very attractive and rising IT career aspects, specially for the Gen Y.

Analytics and Data scientist

Good old records have transformed into Big Data and has opened doors for mathematicians and economists to contribute in the world of IT by analyzing unstructured data, be it customer behavior or talent analytics- to explore the business opportunities.

Technology marketer

The true value of technology has to be communicated simply, effectively, and with clear regard to the changes in how the audience makes decisions. Thus, it becomes important to understand how to connect with customers across different channels, and still be relevant and impress technology buyers. This requires a technology marketer to have more diverse set of technology and marketing skills. Being in a technology marketer’s role means, to have enormous influence on other areas of business from technology inception to production to adoption and consumption.

Social media architect / social media strategist / social media manager

Social networking is becoming a part of business in almost every organization which includes intra-office communications, enterprise collaboration and even customer-involving social communication. The social media is becoming more complex which requires specialized knowledge and resource to manage it.

Cloud architect

People having strong IT skills in technologies related to networking, virtualization, storage, etc. can foresee themselves making career as a cloud expert. The more advanced your understanding of virtualization, networking, and infrastructure management is, the more your chances are of succeeding as a cloud architect. A cloud architect should have strong capabilities to evaluate/analyze different types of cloud (Public, Private, and Hybrid) from multiple perspectives – costs, business structure and needs, risks, etc.; so that she can suggest an optimum and sustainable cloud-based solution to its customers.

Mobile application architect

Mobile is the big thing that is becoming a part of IT career, and this includes developing mobile application, mobile strategies, and mobile security. Companies are demanding mobile technology experts to cater to the new business demand.

Having said that, just being experts in a particular technology is not enough. Skills like public speaking, presentation capability, ability to un-learn and re-learn are the asks of business. The focus should also be on the capability of an employee to thrive on chaos and be adaptable to change- two major soft aspects of human attitude to help an individual sustain in any economy.

The article was originally published in The Pioneer.


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Posted by Ruchika

Ruchika is Advaiya&rsquo;s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for managing the company&rsquo;s business operations, executing business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide.&nbsp;<br />
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Ruchika is also responsible for overall brand development and marketing initiatives. In addition to that, she leads employee effectiveness team at Advaiya working across the company to establish and execute strategy for talent acquisition, performance management and compensation schemes.&nbsp;<br />
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Prior to becoming COO in April 2015, Ruchika was Executive Director of Advaiya&rsquo;s human resource department, a position she held since 2006. In this role she was instrumental in driving operational excellence through employee efficiency and effectiveness.&nbsp;<br />
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Earlier in her career, she acquired over 16 years of experience working across aviation, textiles, engineering and technology companies. Ruchika attended the International Institute of Professional Studies, where she received her Master&rsquo;s in Management Science with HRD as the subject of specialization, and received her diploma in HRD from Academy of Human Resource Department.

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