What is it like for a woman to work at Advaiya

What is it like for a woman to work at Advaiya

Gone are the days when the duties of women were confined to home. A 21st-century woman is a homemaker, entrepreneur, politician, manager and everything else you name, and Advaiya believes in building a culture where everyone feels heard and valued.

In this month when womanhood is celebrated all over the world, I would like to share my experience working at Advaiya and the reasons why I find this company a great place to work for a woman:

Rewarding the most deserving employee

Employees entrust their career to a company, and the company must make sure that it does justice to every employee irrespective of gender. Equality is the first step to achieve a healthy working environment. I have found that Advaiya has built a work culture with equal preference to all genders.

The most deserving employee is rewarded regardless of their gender, and there are women in executive and managerial positions here. Because of this, there is a culture of competitiveness and transparency.

Work Flexibility

According to a recent study, 70% of the women who left the workplace said that they would continue to work if there was work flexibility. Flexible work schedules if there is a family emergency or commitments can be beneficial for everyone especially women. I have been able to take care of my home and excel at work because of the flexibility the company has given me in terms of working hours and work from home option. This has helped women out here to strike a good balance between family and work which in turn has helped establish rapport between employees and management.

Maternity leave and creche facility

Taking a break from career for motherhood should not be the reason for a woman not being able to achieve what she wants in her career. Maternity leave is an unquestionable right for every working woman, and this company’s leave policy has helped me get back to work after pregnancy without any roadblocks to my career growth.

The percentage of women working here is 35%, and this high strength reflects the versatile work culture. Also, there is a creche in the company premises where I leave my kid and visit her throughout the day.

All these factors of a company encourage an employee to perform well at work. I was able to do justice to my job and family because of the flexible work culture, and I think it’s time for all the organizations to adopt this culture of equality and flexibility.

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