In a recent offsite (at very scenic Eklingji) we dwelled on the virtues that we value as an organization. We could articulate and enumerate the most important as Capability, Integrity and Courtesy. We realized that these form the recipe for our continued growth and survival.

Capability is the obvious winner for us. Our capabilities in technology, marketing and business domains allow us to produce deliverables that are valuable to our customers. Integrity, we surmised is essential to build trust. Our commitment to ethical behavior and honest communication generates trust among our customers, team members, vendors and partners without which growth would be impossible. Courtesy, for us, encompasses the aspects of humility and respect. It reminds us that if we have been able look far, as Newton said, we did it by standing on the shoulders of giants. We are thankful to all so many contributors to whatever accomplishments that we make. While being respectful of our environment and capabilities, we have the humility to acknowledge that we have to be constantly working hard to make sure that we are valuable to our customers.

Posted by Advaiya

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