Advaiya partners with TimeXtender

    We are very pleased to announce a deep partnership with TimeXtender, a visionary company that is focused on democratizing and expanding access to corporate data throughout the...

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Advaiya caught up with Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender

timeXtender CEO

Advaiya:  Heine, tell us about TimeXtender and your value proposition.

Heine:  Absolutely thank you for the...

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The Digital CFO: Connecting and Driving the Business

In the modern economy, with the emergence of technology and digitization, the role of a CFO is changing and expanding. The CFO is now in the center...

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Advaiya announces the launch of QuickProject to manage project activities on the go

Advaiya introduces a new iPhone app QuickProject for Project 2013 users, which allows project managers and team members to manage their project activities with an...

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Design thinking and GAEMS

Gaming and Design are no doubt deeply related areas but too often, gaming companies don’t truly follow the precepts of design-thinking.  Though the idea of...

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Congratulating GAEMS on the launch of new Rail System

We would like to extend our huge congratulations to our partner GAEMS on the announcement of their new product – GAEMS Rail...

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Advaiya celebrates a decade of success

Advaiya celebrates its 10th anniversary today - a major milestone in its evolution since its inception in 2005. This milestone is testimony to the dedication...

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Notes from E3

First of all, we need to congratulate our partner GAEMS for releasing their new website a few days ago.  We were thrilled to be...

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ScrumTotal - A unique collaboration app for the goal oriented

At Advaiya, we’ve had the opportunity to see many technologies and methodologies aimed at helping teams collaborate and achieve goals.  We’ve had a great deal...

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Go GAEMS and Go E3!

I’m very excited about going to E3 with GAEMS, a strong Advaiya customer and strategic partner.  At the show, GAEMS will be discussing...

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Dreaming GAEMS!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is learning from our customers and partners.  When I want to get pushed out of my...

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Event Networking and Wearables

Right now, I have the pleasure of advising Limefy, an innovative company with a purpose.  The idea behind the company is disarmingly simple- at...

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[Press Release] Advaiya Labs: Technology Mentor for IIMU PRARAMBH-2015

Udaipur - Advaiya Labs sponsors PRARAMBH-2015 (as Technology Mentor). PRARAMBH-2015 is a 32 hour startup challenge organized by IIM Udaipur, which starts from...

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Our New Visual Identity

We are excited to present our new visual identity which reflects the transformation that we have had through the past few years. As we adopt...

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[Press release] Uzbekistan CCI explores new business opportunities in India with Advaiya

November 26, 2014, Udaipur - A delegation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, paid an official visit to Advaiya (Udaipur) office today. The...

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Businesses can gain from business transformation solutions launched by Advaiya [Press release]

Advaiya Solutions launches business transformation technology solutions for businesses in Gujarat.

In the last few years, Gujarat has shown rapid progress in the field of IT...

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[Press release] Advaiya launches Digital Marketing Effectiveness offerings

Marketing landscape is evolving at a breakneck speed with the new technological advancements that are happening everyday like in the Digital marketing space. Digital marketing...

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Advaiyans celebrate the Independence Day with rejoice

We celebrated the 68th Independence Day at our Udaipur office with great patriotism and warmth.

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CEO of Advaiya Solutions invited to the panel discussion at INTEROP – Delhi

July 21, 2014:  Manish Godha, CEO and Founder of Advaiya Solutions - a leading technology and...

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Advaiya launches xBOM – a set of packaged content offering (Press release)


Advaiya Solutions, today announced the launch of xBOM - a packaged content offering.

Today, content...

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