The Customer Approach: Data for Decisions Not Data for Itself

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Are you unable to make data-driven decisions?

Regardless the industry and the size of your company, when it comes to making strategic decisions, we often rely on gut feeling, ad-hoc reports or other traditional approaches. A...

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Big Data: A Golden Shot to Cyber Security?

Cyber-attacks are getting worse with every passing day and only 20% of the organizations are able to effectively curb them. Can Big Data Analytics make...

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Big data impact and concerns

Businesses are overloaded with the sheer volume of data, churned out daily by operational/ transactional systems, web logs, industrial sensors, customer data, social media information etc....

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Big Data Insights

Big Data will be in mainstream use in all major organization in coming years. So NO organization, big or small, can afford to miss this bus.


Harnessing Big Data


We are living in the era of information surplus where information and data is omniscient and...

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