10 most popular technology blog posts

In 2017, big topics reigned in the world of cloud and analytics. Whether the subject was integrating Power BI reports with Project Server, or determining how to make the...

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Powerful Decision Making with BI

Being in business is being in the business of decision making. Right decisions, made at the right time, and implemented in the right manner—make all the difference

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Automate project status reports - so you never miss to share important details.

Get automated status reports on time and provide comprehensive and correct information.

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Enterprise-level innovation is democratized and available for SMB

Trends relating to cloud, mobility and data driven collaboration mean that SMBs can be every bit as sophisticated and cutting edge as large enterprises.

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Changes in Power BI licensing

Microsoft has unveiled a new licensing option for Power BI with changes in user licensing flexibility. Learn about those changes and their implications...

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Is your organization truly data-driven?

You are a bank manager. You discover the customer churn rate of your bank which has steadily increased. You realise a loophole in retaining the existing customers of your...

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Enable Your Data with Adaptive BI for Excellence

Right use of enormous data available internally and externally to organizations can generate immense dividends. Deriving meaningful insights from that data—and converting knowledge into action—is...

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How to Use Power BI Mobile Apps to View and Interact with Reports and Dashboards

Power BI makes your data travel along with you and stays connected to your data from anywhere, anytime with the Power BI app for Windows,...

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Reinforce Self-service BI with Data Discovery Platform


Ever changing market needs, rapidly shifting business contexts and increased competition demand businesses to make important decisions quickly. To gain a competitive edge and...

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Interacting with Power BI dashboards and reports in PowerPoint

Power BI team recently added the functionality to export Power BI reports to PowerPoint (in Preview). The feature does not go very far though, in...

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Get insights faster with Power BI

My Masters’ of Science thesis in Transportation Engineering was on a dynamic traffic assignment problem - figuring out the best routes for drivers with given...

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How to use columns from two different tables in Power BI

Ever came across a scenario where you need to perform some action or calculation on columns from two different tables? Were you able to do...

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Artificial Intelligence tops strategic tech trends in 2017

Gartner, every year, identifies a list of top strategic technology trends for the coming year, and the list released this year for 2017 tech trends...

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Artificial Intelligence: A growing businesses investment priority!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is maturing rapidly, as businesses increasingly agree to the immense potential of...

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Visualizing project data with the right BI Tool

While exploring the wilds of North America, Daniel Boone is said to have quipped, “I’ve never been lost, but I...

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Top 5 Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Trends

The ever changing business needs, fast-moving technologies, innovative techniques - self-service business intelligence (BI), mobility and predictive analytics, have taken the world of business analytics...

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Data Discovery Hub: Beyond basic Business Intelligence

The BI market is undergoing a revolution and witnessing a significant change over the past few years. The major shift being noticed is the transformation...

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The evolving scope of Business Intelligence

In the current market, every organization is facing stiff competition, demand for operational efficiency and business productivity. Organizations are becoming innovative in their approach to...

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Create calculated measures in Power BI desktop

Power BI Desktop gives you the right way to deal with your data in just a few clicks. However, the data does not contain everything...

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Reimagining tomorrow with the power of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

There are some new trends in the technology world that are becoming very prominent. These trends include technologies that are trying to change the way...

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