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Quantarium’s REAL AI for REAL Estate

At Advaiya, we have the pleasure of running across dozens of amazing companies- in technology, services, and product development.  These companies range from fledgling startups to the world’s largest...

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Developing Chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS

The blog describes Microsoft BOT framework, LUIS (language understanding intelligent service), architecture and components, and how conversations can be created with BOTs.

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How to prevent emails going into spam: ‘Email Before Download (EBD)’ plugin for WordPress

Are you still struggling with the problem of emails going into spam while using Email Before Download (EBD) plugin for WordPress? If you are looking for an actual solution,...

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Top Inbound Marketing Strategies that Drive High ROI

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to bring potential customers to your business. It’s not only about creating and sharing the...

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Growing Your Business Through Digital Commerce Strategies

It sounds very simple. And yet, I speak with many customers that ponder how to get their commerce strategy off the ground or don’t...

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The Hard Truth About Social Media and What You Need to Do About It

Today social media accounts validate our existence, our relationships, our friendships, our achievements, our promotions, our business trips, our vacations, our lifestyle and everything...

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How To Market Technology In Digital Era


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LAMP Stack vs. MEAN Stack

For both mobile and web-driven applications, we need server-side infrastructure and code to run on them. For many years, LAMP has been a reliable infrastructure...

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Custom Zendesk help desk module using Zendesk API

Zendesk is a customer service solution that is designed to be simple, and is currently being used by many of the world’s largest organizations to...

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Search trends in 2016 - Google Knowledge Graph

Various changes have affected search trends in 2016, and based on the new opportunities marketers have been trying all ways to drive web traffic to...

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Facebook messenger will soon open for publishers from April 2016

Facebook messenger will soon open for publishers

Facebook will now let publishers distribute content through its messenger and...

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Social media marketing trends 2016

The same laws of attraction never remain for too long in the social media marketing landscape. And while we all expect new trends and updates,...

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Top 11 web design trends for 2016

In past few years, we have seen a lot of shifts in the website design and development domain. 2016 is anticipated to be the year...

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Magento 2.0: Some exciting features for ecommerce websites in 2016

With the new version of Magento unveiled, there are some really good features that have come with this version 2.0.

Here is a list of...

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Web presence and digital marketing solutions

In this highly advanced digital age, web presence is crucial to enthrall customers, prospects, business partners and investors who are looking for your products and...

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How to choose a PHP framework

With the increasing popularity among web frameworks, it can get a bit difficult to decide which framework will be best suitable for your projects. While...

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How to add a placeholder attribute in Sitecore module WebForms for Marketers

When I started creating forms in Sitecore module Webforms for Marketers (WFFM), the first thing that popped up was how do I add placeholder attribute...

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Sitecore CMS installation: A step by step guide to set-up Sitecore 8.0

To start working with Sitecore, first of all you need to install Sitecore on your system and setup a development environment. Here in the blog...

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Easy navigation AB tests for content marketers

Websites have 2 core assets: content and navigation. While content marketers obsess over their content, they rarely think about their website navigation. This is madness. Since website navigation...

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