What is it like for a woman to work at Advaiya

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Advaiya Emphasis on Women’s Career Strategies

#BeBoldForChange was the theme for the 2017 International Women’s Day, celebrated this year on March 8. March is also National Women’s History month. That’s why...

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Advaiya Summer Internship Program

Advaiya Summer Internship Program

A summer internship is a great way to put in practice what is learnt in college...

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Live. Work. Play – How we strike the balance

Companies come in all kinds – from those who keep a close eye on their employees, banning even the use of cell phones in the...

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Working mothers at Advaiya – Sonika’s story

Unlike most new mothers, Sonika Jain, did not have to face the moral dilemma of leaving her thriving career to look after her new born....

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OKRs for digitizing productivity for the digital workforce

In the times when liquid workforce and virtual teams are becoming prominent organizational aspects, ensuring productivity and performance poses novel challenges. This is...

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Building Presence Voicing Thoughts: How hard can it be!

I attended a workshop on the art (or as the trainer might want to put it, Science) of public speaking some time back. The trainer...

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From feedback to feedforward - A smart shift in performance management model

The bell-curve orthodoxy is now inexcusable. It is a passive approach that a retrospective view of employee performance would allow distinction of a small number...

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The rising IT career aspects

Modern world is characterized by the impact technology has been having on nations, businesses, society and individuals. Just look at the way we shop, the...

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How to assess softer employee attributes (soft skills) to evaluate performance (3 key steps)

Over the past few years, the Indian economy has been through a lot of ups and downs. In such tumultuous times, assessing the soft skills...

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Six traits of highly productive people on the first day at work

How one conducts herself on the first day is a good indicator of future performance and accomplishments. On the first day in any organization, a...

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