Multiselect people picker using Kendo UI with a large dataset

Requirement– In one of our projects we were working on Kendo UI, Angular and, jQuery where we had WCF service as the middle layer and SQL as database. Here...

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Sitecore 9 installation on a local development environment

From the time Sitecore 9 was released, there has been a lot of talk about the method of installation. Installing Sitecore 9 is difficult when compared to installing the...

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Build FAQ Knowledge Base with QnA Maker

In my last article “EVERYTHING ABOUT MICROSOFT QnA MAKER”, I have explained what is Microsoft QnA Maker service and how it helps to create an effective knowledge base from...

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How to create Quick Email Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A quick campaign is used to send a single activity to a list of contacts or accounts in your system. The activity could be an email, series of phone...

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How to create an email template in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365. An email template serves as a framework for an email message which helps you to maintain a consistent layout and message. You can create an...

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How to get the missing Project Server 2016 user views from PWA database

Installing SharePoint updates in Project Server 2016 environment sometimes lead to missing Project Server user views in content database.

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WCF Service on Top Of SharePoint 2016

In this post, I’m going to discuss about WCF service and how WCF service can be developed on top of SharePoint. WCF service works as an individual component that...

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Auto-publish projects in MS Project Server/Project Online using PowerShell

There are times when the project manager forgets to publish the project or don’t have time, which affects the project plan. In this post, I share a script to...

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Project Service Automation(PSA) Programming in Dynamics 365

With programming, Dynamics 365 data can be accessed to create SSRS reports or Power BI dashboards. This blog post talks about the steps to do any kind of custom...

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How to create and deploy Word Add-on in SharePoint

Office add-in deployment with Com add-in can be very tedious. Here in this post, I am writing about an alternative which is a new Office add-in programming model available...

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Handling larger JSON string values serialization in MVC

Often the developers face the JSON serialization issue when receiving large data in MVC. This blog post shares the solutions to avoid any bumps in the road when passing...

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Calling Azure Rest Service from VBA

Recently working on a project, my team came across a requirement to call an Azure hosted WCF service from VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). The blog contains the code...

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How to export an out of the box (OOTB) list view web part in SharePoint

SharePoint List view web part is the most often used out of the box web part in any SharePoint application. This blog post talks about the solution to export...

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Using SharePoint Document Approval Workflows – Working with metadata and custom content types

This post talks about the solution to a problem when SharePoint 2013 workflow doesn’t work for document approval workflows.

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How to access SharePoint Rest API using OAuth

This post describes the method to access Rest APIs using Open ID connect and OAuth, considering a use case.

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How to develop & bind custom template with custom content type in SharePoint

In this blog post, I will talk about creating a content type in SharePoint site that anyone can use wherever and whenever needed.

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Create Site Collection with custom template using Power Shell Script on SharePoint Online - Part 1

While working on SharePoint 2013 (on-premise), one can easily move our development to another environment, which is not the case in SharePoint online. To combat this, here is a...

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Potential web vulnerabilities that need attention while testing web apps

As a Quality Analyst, bugs and quality are always a concern for the entire project team which has a notable impact on an organization’s business and client’s feedback. To...

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How to prevent emails going into spam: ‘Email Before Download (EBD)’ plugin for WordPress

Are you still struggling with the problem of emails going into spam while using Email Before Download (EBD) plugin for WordPress? If you are looking for an actual solution,...

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Project Server Entities Configuration using PowerShell Script- Creating Graphical Indicator Custom Fields

In my previous blog I talked about a complete PowerShell script for creating custom fields and one level lookup tables using Project Server PSI services....

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