Location: Udaipur 

Experience: 5-7 years

You will be responsible for the timely completion and high-quality execution of projects, both as a lead and as a substantial contributor. You will oversee the entire project lifecycle, from envisioning and planning to monitoring progress and conducting project meetings. Additionally, you will be responsible for research, identifying appropriate templates and approaches, contributing to analytics deliverables, validating deliverables against requirements, conducting software testing, and ensuring compliance with standards and best practices. 

Key responsibilities: 

  • Envisioning and planning, monitoring project progress and team members’ contributions and conducting project meetings, 
  • Research (gathering, validating, organizing, and analyzing information), 
  • Identifying appropriate templates or approach for the deliverables and projects, 
  • Contributing to analytics deliverables (reports, dashboards, data marts, data warehouse, marketing or training documentation (such as technical specifications, use cases, user guides, technical presentations, communication for decision makers etc.), 
  • Validating deliverables against requirements, o Conducting software testing, 
  • Assisting and guiding other team members for executing deliverable tasks, 
  • Communicating detailed deliverable status to stakeholders, and o Ensuring compliance to standards and best practices. 
  • Contributing in pre-sales by high level requirement understanding, approach design, estimations and building proposals. 

Qualifications and skills: 

  • Overall experience of 5-7 years. 
  • Has experience of successfully managing and contributing to a fair number of software development projects (preferably leading a team or a part of it). Has in-depth knowledge in database design, SSIS, SSAS, reporting tools. 
  • Fair knowledge of cloud services like SQL Azure, Dataverse, SQL Datawarehouse 
  • Has capability to gather solution requirements, build detailed specifications (functional and/or technical) and work with the customers/users. 
  • Interest and broad understanding in a number of advanced topics like data modelling, analytics architecture and relevant business contexts (functional processes, sales, marketing etc.) and technology trends (competing products and their strengths, new versions and their advantages etc.) 

Posted by Advaiya

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