The BI market is undergoing a revolution and witnessing a significant change over the past few years. The major shift being noticed is the transformation from IT-led system to business-led system, because business users want easy and quick access to quality data at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they want without relying on IT. Most of the companies these days are dealing with common challenges like struggling to gain access to high volume corporate data coming from disparate data sources, integrating data from legacy systems, and delivering secure and reliable information to business users.

The solution to all these issues faced by modern businesses is “Data Discovery Hub” – an automated centralized repository, which manages all enterprise data efficiently and offers democratized access to all relevant information from any place in a secure and governed manner using advanced data structures and processing methods.

Gone are the days, when companies had to manually copy data from multiple systems and store in a data mart for business use. The Discovery Hub consolidates and refines the data coming from diverse data sources including legacy systems and other operational systems; and stores in a structured way to provide quick and secure access to business information. Many companies with a good data management approach have started delivering information to business users via Discovery Hub, and rest is also progressing towards its adoption.

Using such tools, companies can save a lot of time and money by having access to the right data anytime, anywhere self-reliantly. This also liberates IT users from tedious and labour-intensive tasks and allows them to focus on other priority work. By this way, companies can easily meet the dynamic business needs and bridge the gap between data-hungry business users and fatigued IT users.

TimeXtender is one among the leading vendors providing Data Discovery Hub. It allows companies to build and maintain a modern data warehouse, known as a data discovery hub, which maintains data quality and consistency at the same time so the right person can access the right data at the right time. It covers all of the aspects an organization looks for business use in an agile way and breaks the barrier between IT and Business.

Posted by Advaiya

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