Any business that generates essential customer and business data will find the use of Power BI relevant. Today, data is easily accessible to most of the companies, but we still cannot figure out how to optimally use all the data available to us. Our companies would perform much better if we could use the data optimally to make our decisions.

Disruption by COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how the businesses saw themselves, their goals, and the way they operate today. It is challenging for enterprises to restart post-COVID scenarios as the supply chains are disrupted, and the consumers' as well as workforces' behaviors, have changed. However, COVID-19 does not seem to be slowing down and may stick around much longer than we anticipated. This has led to increased uncertainty in the business environment. According to a recent survey by marketing week, as much as 68% of the marketing leaders feel that uncertainty is the major challenge for businesses. PwC experts' article states that, in times of uncertainty and crisis, the biggest worry for business leaders is to gather information quickly. The primary question for them is, “How will data flow during this crisis?"

Understanding the need

Imagine you had a successful hospital before the COVID-19 outbreak. The sudden outbreak has everyone on their heels. During this panic state, you know you may have to serve an influx of patients. As a businessperson, you know, the supply of various essentials will get disrupted. It would help if you decided on the sudden changes in the inventory of medicines and assets like ventilators etc. You need information on the approximate number of patients you will be getting, and the specific medication you will need to treat these patients. The decisions taken by you now will impact the business as well as the life of your patients.

Solving the problem with Power BI

In such a scenario, the visualization of your customer demographics and the supply chain of essential medicines would make a vital impact on your decision. Now, imagine this was a case for all your branches across the world. You would want real-time data of all the users to choose all the hospitals. You might want to make a country-specific choice of stocking the medicines according to the number of cases in the country from your headquarters, and Power BI provides you with a facility to do that. Power BI would give you real-time dashboards of the number of patients, the diverse needs of these patients, country-specific data, and the stocks of the medicines.

Benefits of Power BI

COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains of businesses, and the workforce must work remotely, which may affect their productivity. Power BI provides real-time dashboards for all kinds of data generated by the company. It provides you with end to end visibility over the supply chain, the current inventory levels, anticipated resource requirements, and the approximate lead time to get the required products.

Workforce productivity may also take a hit during these crisis times. Power BI provides you with a platform to keep track of employee productivity and motivation levels and provide valuable insights into employee behavior changes. It helps you compare the outcomes achieved through a process pre-COVID and post-COVID. Business leaders can use this data to motivate employees and take care of their needs.

Power BI allows you to integrate the data from various sources like Excel, SQL Server, etc. on the cloud to provide insights for your business and help you in decision-making on multiple fronts. Availability on the cloud makes it easily accessible on a variety of devices like iOS, desktop, etc. It allows you to create live dashboards that provide you with a real-time picture of our business needs. It helps you develop customer segments, customer preferences, take inventory management decisions, and keep track of business opportunities in your industry landscape.

The Advaiya advantage

With Advaiya, you can develop your dashboards for the specific needs of your business. You can look at a few live dashboards using the following link.

We can provide your business with customized dashboards that represent all the relevant areas for your business. We can help you understand and analyze the data on these dashboards and provide aid with the AI predictive modeling capabilities of the software to increase the efficiency of your business processes.

Step by step process followed by Advaiya:

  • We will figure out the business need of your business.
  • Our experts can build on the previous data sources and infrastructure available in the organization.
  • We will design a customized dashboard for your business.
  • We will link your data sources to your dashboards for a real-time flow.
  • We will train your employees to understand the business insights from predictive modeling.

Decision making

Are you ready to experience the business growth powered by Power BI?

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