Power BI best practices for effective story telling

Have you ever noticed when you get your car’s oil changed, the service center vacuums your car’s floor mats and wash your car’s windows? Clear floor mats and windows do not make your car run better, so why do they do it? We call it “good customer service”, and at a lower level, it makes your car look better.

Now your car looks better, you think it runs better, and you think the service center is amazing. It is the same with business intelligence. Modeling, monitoring and analyzing your data are analytical skills. When it is time to tell a story, you need to think like a designer to get your point across with memorable and compelling graphics.

As a continuation of our Power BI storytelling webinars, this webinar we will cover 6 Power BI best practices to help you effectively tell your data story. Mastering design elements:

In this webinar, you can learn:

  • Assists you in building a more articulate and persuasive case
  • Helps viewers understand and connect data, through support for clear insights
  • Encourages people to share and use your reports

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