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We help you realize the true value of technology to unlock digital transformation for your organization.

The Advaiya advantage

At Advaiya, we understand the uniqueness of your business and offer services that cater to your unique requirements. With Peripheral Automation, we present you with tailor-made solutions that aid your strategic plans and help you unlock your latent business potential.

Embrace a transformative journey that not only meets your distinct challenges but also, drives your business towards higher volume growth.

Gain strategic advantage over your competitors and, tap into unexplored opportunities, optimize performance, and achieve unprecedented growth.

Unlock relevant opportunities that span across your entire business landscape, all with the ease and fluidity of our custom solutions addressing your unique business requirements.

Let technology work for you and solve critical business challenges to open growth opportunities with Peripheral Automation.

Data automation

Connect and aggregate core business data records and information from multiple sources to gain visibility, and insights, and make informed decisions.

Process automation

Seamlessly connects activities, information, and controls for teams to act with awareness, confidence, and timeliness.

Intelligent automation

Leverage the power of AI and ML with your data to generate custom and unique interactions, creating opportunities, effectiveness, and transformative experiences.


Future-proof your organization with leading technologies  Leverage our extensive expertise and experience across Microsoft cloud technologies, Sitecore, and more. We can assist your organization in becoming future-ready and future-proof by enhancing its capabilities and aligning your technology infrastructure with your strategic goals. 
  • Deep expertise in Microsoft platform and business technologies 
  • Improved organizational capabilities for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape 
  • Ensuring your technology infrastructure supports your strategic objectives 
  • Access to a broad range of cutting-edge technologies 
Get future-ready and technology-driven with Advaiya 
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What our clients say

What our clients say

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