Field service management systems have recently become a watchword in a variety of industries. Cloud-based FSM platforms like Dynamics 365 aid in the management of field service processes and improve customer experience and efficiency of organizations that utilize the mobile workforce to service their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can be used to meet the needs of field services organizations. Field services management and automation software that transforms field operations provide the ability to share useful data from IoT-powered equipment directly to service providers and technicians via the cloud. This can be achieved by combining multiple technologies, including machine learning, data analytics, and embedded systems.

According to Gartner's 2021 Magic Quadrant, Dynamics 365 is one of the leading solutions for field service management. Although Dynamics 365 field service is the FSM solution that can be implemented standalone, we believe it is most effective when combined with other Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM offerings.

Dynamics 365 field service improving field service management –

Following are the top features that make D365 an essential field service management and automation solution to manage your mobile workforce:

1. Streamline scheduling and dispatching -

The key benefit of any FSM software is to enable companies to efficiently and accurately assign field workers to jobs off-site.

Dynamics 365 Field Service provides functionality to manage resources and equipment needed by field workers for customer service. D365 Field Service's schedule board incorporates all the necessary information like workers' skills, equipment, and existing schedules along with the specific customer cases and location, enabling you to visualize onsite appointments and optimize service schedules and ensure efficient routing and skill matching.

2. Troubleshoot Your First Time Fix Rates –

The First Time Fix Rates, or FTFR, shows how frequently a field worker can solve a customer’s problem without needing additional assistance. FTFR impacts efficiency, margin, productivity, operational costs, as well as customer satisfaction rate.

Dynamics 365 allows you to centralize all the data about your customers and cases so that you can compare FTFRs across departments or technicians to identify underlying issues and quickly resolve them. You can also integrate it with Power BI to leverage this data more conveniently and make better decisions.

3. Better Safety and Compliance –

Field service companies need to be able to trace and verify that their workers are following all safety and liability regulations. FSM software is a reliable solution for both managers and as well as workers.

Though, it needs customization to meet every organization's specific safety requirements. An experienced Dynamics 365 Partner like Advaiya can build your safety forms that can be presented to your workers off-site during customer visits.

4. Automation and management of SLAs –

An SLA, or service level agreement, describes what your company promises and how long it will take to deliver the service to your customer. Manually managing SLA and passing it to field workers can be time-consuming and lead to errors that could cause delays in service.

Dynamics 365 Field Service makes it possible to automate SLA management in your system. This can help you prevent such problems and increase customer satisfaction.

5. Proactive Maintenance with IoT –

Internet of Things enables you to monitor or even send commands to customers' assets like printers or generators remotely and resolve issues immediately. IoT-enabled customer assets integrated with your field service solution could improve your customer service and business productivity by allowing you to detect issues before customer notices, fix some issues remotely, and dispatch technicians to solve the problem proactively

However, to enable these capabilities, you will need to integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service with Azure IoT as well as the Connected Field Service ad-on.

6. Field service management and automation solution partners –

Good FSM partners do more than just then implement FSM software and issue invoice. Your field service partner should also assist you with the software training and adoption, provide guidance on future digital transformation investments and support you over the long term.

If you are looking for a Dynamics 365 partner for the digital transformation of your field service business, consult Advaiya. We are Microsoft Gold partners who assist businesses in the implementation and adoption of digital transformation solutions allowing them to harness the power of technology.

Kirti Sethiya

Kirti Sethiya

Kirti, Senior Consultant at Advaiya, is a technology enthusiast specialized in business applications and analytics. She has been an integral part of Advaiya for over seven years, contributing to myriad deliverables involving business intelligence, technology marketing, and business consulting.

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