Are you still struggling with the problem of emails going into spam while using Email Before Download (EBD) plugin for WordPress? If you are looking for an actual solution, here you go!

Mail is marked as spam due to various reasons, and some of them are links in the email body, spam text/words in the email body, downloadable link, attachment, and much more.

In the case of EBD, we have a solution. The idea is to change the dynamic URL in the email.

With the help of code, change the URL which is sent by EBD into email body and upon click, rewrite the URL to the desired format of EBD using htaccess file. The most probable reason for getting such emails marked as spam by the firewalls is the terms used in the text. With this approach, the spam issue gets resolved and email lands into an individual’s Inbox.

With the EDB plugin, the dynamic URL being generated is of the format: and below are some steps to rewrite such URL in case of EBD:

1.    Open email-before-download.php plugin file from plugin directory
2.    Go to line # 531 where URL variable used contains the URL like
$url = WP_PLUGIN_URL.”/email-before-download/download.php?dl=”.$uid;
Change this using the below code:
$url = site_url().”/downloadable/”.$uid;
3.    Save file
4.    Open .htaccess from root folder of your website
Add the below code at the end:
RewriteRule ^downloadable/([^/]*)$ wp-content/plugins/email-before-download/download.php?dl=$1 [QSA]
5.    Save this file
6.    Now refresh/reload page where download form is used. Fill the form and check if the email is sent into inbox.

Hope this helps and if you still facing any issue, please add your comment below or write to me at[email protected] and we can try to fix it.

Posted by Advaiya

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