We've received inquiries like the one above, asking if Microsoft Teams can be utilized as a project management tool.

Why use Microsoft Teams for project management?

Many are familiar with Microsoft Teams as a hub for communication. They understand it allows users to voice and video calls their coworkers, but that is often where their understanding ends; Microsoft Teams offers much more than simply keeping people connected.

Microsoft Teams' top intuitive features:

Microsoft Teams is an all-inclusive communication and collaboration platform. It features document collaboration, presentation, whiteboarding, and other renowned communication tools.

Stay informed with Teams and channels

Microsoft Teams offers a platform for open, transparent communication between project managers across all aspects of the projects they manage.
Let's assume you're a project manager in an IT company and have three projects for each customer.
Create a team for each customer using the Teams tab, then create communication channels within those teams for each project you need to manage. It takes only a click of your mouse to add appropriate people or resources from within your staff members to each of these channels and teams.

Make work accessible to everyone.

Time tracking is of the essence when managing a project. Are you spending too much time trying to locate and work on essential documents in multiple folders or repositories? Doing so could be costing you valuable hours in the long run.
MS Teams can save you time! To access and co-author Word documents and Excel spreadsheets from within Teams, just connect it to SharePoint.

Don't miss another deadline!

Project management professionals understand the importance of deadlines. Microsoft Teams provides you with the ability to share an Outlook group calendar from within its platform. You can utilize Planner to assign task lists and stay organized. With Microsoft Planner integrated into your Teams platform, you'll have another means of keeping tabs on tasks and project timelines.

Be brave and customize your teams for maximum efficiency!

Teams offer numerous integrations that can be customized. Don't be intimidated to explore those options to make Team truly yours - there are countless third-party apps and services available in Teams' Apps tab that you can choose from! Check out our blog Apps for project management in Microsoft Teams to explore some wonderful apps for efficient project management.

Microsoft Teams can assist in solving project management issues.

Project management challenges present themselves on a regular basis. As a project management professional, your role is to overcome these obstacles and deliver the desired business outcomes. There are various tools and techniques that can be employed for this purpose.
Let's examine some of the most pressing project management challenges Microsoft Teams can assist you with.

Lack of communication

Project managers face many difficulties, including poor communication. Poor communication can cause major delays to projects and cost overruns. Many times, different stakeholders in a project work in silos. This means they don't share important updates with the entire team. MS provides numerous features that promote open working.

Poor data management

Project teams deal with a lot of data. It can be challenging to keep it organized and structured, leading to chaos in storage if not handled properly. Navigating and searching for accurate documentation becomes challenging due to these inefficiencies which cost valuable time essential for project management; ultimately leading to reduced business productivity levels as a result.
Microsoft Teams' seamless integration with SharePoint, OneDrive, and other Microsoft products enables you to efficiently manage your data while ensuring its security.

Stakeholder alignment

Project management involves many stakeholders. Internal stakeholders such as your project team, managers, and executives are important; but you also have external stakeholders like customers, suppliers and contractors, investors, and vendors - the list is endless!
Coordinating all the different project stakeholders can be challenging. Sending different messages to each person involved in a project isn't effective - make sure everyone is on the same page about project progress without needing mediators between parties.
Microsoft Teams makes this possible. Teams allows you to bring together multiple departments and teams in one workspace where they can collaborate and communicate more efficiently.

Knowledge management

Sometimes, knowledge sharing is insufficient after a project's completion. All the lessons learned from past and future endeavors can serve as valuable teaching points.
Knowledge management is fundamental for successful project management. It allows you to identify best practices and provide reference points for your teams. Microsoft Teams can assist in solving this problem, by creating a knowledge base where all business documents can be stored securely.

Project budgets and timing

Any project manager should strive to finish within budget and on schedule. Various reasons could go wrong, causing delays or additional costs that should not have occurred in the first place. Microsoft Teams can assist in solving silo work, miscommunications, lack of accountability, and collaboration failures by helping solve these issues head-on.
Microsoft Teams offers an easy-to-use integration with both native and third-party project management software, so you can communicate and collaborate with anyone regardless of the platform they use. To guarantee everyone stays aware of their tasks, Teams allows for connecting task management applications. Furthermore, Teams record all conversations for accountability purposes - making it simpler to hold everyone accountable for the project.

Adherence to project management guidelines

Every team working on a project should have clear project management guidelines with detailed instructions and steps. Collect best practices and create these guidelines; share them with your team members and give them all of the tools they need to automate certain tasks so they can focus on the project at hand.
However, it is possible to disobey these guidelines and continue using antiquated techniques which bog down project management. Microsoft Teams can assist in solving this issue. It allows you to transform your project management guidelines into an action plan that your team can follow.

Final thoughts on Microsoft Teams for project management

Microsoft Teams has revolutionized the way project managers work. Teams require a solution to address all stakeholders involved in the project management life cycle, especially given its increasing complexity and increase in remote work. This makes Microsoft Teams an especially beneficial modern workplace solution.
  • All stakeholders should be involved in the project.
  • All processes can be combined to create synergies.
  • Connect all their tools onto one platform
Microsoft Team has many capabilities that enable this goal and more. The tech team at Microsoft Team is continuously striving to improve its products and meet customers' demands.
This article was all about Microsoft Teams. However, organizations looking for larger project management initiatives could look into Microsoft Project Online or Project for the Web which are also possible to integrate with Teams. I’ll talk about more specific use cases where Microsoft Teams can be used with Project for the Web as a power tool for automated project management scenarios.

Discover Microsoft Teams and how it can benefit you.

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Chandan M.

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