In the modern digital era, like any business strategy, audiences are also undergoing continual shifts, transformations and evolution. People are becoming more and more demanding and looking for things specific to their needs and habits. It is essential for businesses to understand what their ideal prospects do and why they do so. People are unique and so are their demands, therefore businesses need to design, develop and deliver right product, service or information to right audience, at right time.

To gain insights into targeted market or audience; personas are vital components. An in-depth analysis about precise audience in the form of persona development helps to know prospects better and create content that connects with them. For any product/service/information to be successful, it needs to be customized based on specific persona needs, traits and pain-points. Doing so is a very significant step as each member in the buying team has different roles and responsibilities.  

Persona-based development and marketing is becoming crucial to achieve success. It is always considered that if the content is similar for everyone, then it is not useful for anyone. Creating persona-targeted messaging which resonates each stage of the buying cycle, offers a better buying experience and lead to an increased bottom line for the business.

For understanding any specific persona, basic components are demographic details, roles and responsibilities, goals and challenges, hobbies and interests, decision competence, KPIs and drivers, decision matrix, and communication channels. After the identification of all these components, the audience can be further separated into types of users; buyer, evaluator, influencer of any product or service.

Once businesses develop personas and get to know the right audience, it becomes easier for them to develop a clear and targeted marketing strategy. The ultimate goal of all targeted communication is to highlight a business’s expertise, and increase the audience’s affinity towards the business.


Let us help you identify the right audience for your business. Whether you need to better align your sales and marketing, build a new website, create a compelling content strategy, Advaiya persona development offering can help you build personas to accelerate customer experience management. Our experts in user experience persona development use a simple yet agile approach to create a customized solution specific to your objective. You can contact us for more details on our approach and methodology.

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